Mastering Reactive State Management with NgRx: Best Practices and lessons learned

By Peter Eijgermans

Elevator Pitch

Join Peter as he shares insights from his experience at Prorail building the ‘Feniks’ application for the Dutch Railways. Topics include Angular, NgRx, and NX workspaces, along with lessons learned. Peter kicks off his talk with a captivating act that puts you in the shoes of a train driver.


Join Peter as he embarks on an epic journey, building the cutting-edge ‘Feniks’ application for the Dutch Railways at Prorail. With Angular, NgRx, and NX workspaces as his trusty tools, Peter will share thrilling encounters, invaluable lessons learned, and practical tips for success in this exciting session.

But that’s not all! Peter kicks off his talk with a captivating act that puts you in the shoes of a train driver, communicating with the train control crew. This immersive experience sets the stage for an unforgettable session, where you’ll be inspired by Peter’s tales of frontend development and his unwavering quest for building exceptional applications.

Buckle up and get ready for a riveting ride as Peter shares his expertise and insights, from navigating the challenges of modern frontend development to harnessing the power of Angular, NgRx, and NX workspaces. Whether you’re an aspiring frontend adventurer, an Angular expert, an NgRx ninja, or a NX workspaces wizard, this session has something for everyone.


As an experienced Angular developer and actor, I am the perfect fit for this talk. With my unwavering passion to push the web forward, I am constantly exploring new frontend frameworks and innovative approaches. My track record of delivering courses and talks on frontend development speaks to my expertise in the field. Additionally, my coaching skills allow me to effectively convey complex concepts to diverse audiences. My unique blend of technical prowess and theatrical flair ensures an engaging and dynamic session that leaves a lasting impact. Join me on this exciting journey as I share my insights and experiences, and inspire you to push the boundaries of frontend development.