Important elements that my experience as a rock musician brought to me as developer advocate

By Taiji Hagino

Elevator Pitch

How do you guys view Evangelist job? Individual? Looks difficult? Looks fun? Actually, in our surroundings there are any works that have elements that are very closely related to the work of Evangelist. Former rock musician, Taiji from IBM Developer Advocate, clarify its real situation!


Actually I used be a hairstylist and rock musician. I think these service trades have some common points with Advocacy/Evangelism. In this session audience will get essential factors for good developer relations, and what factors can influence evangelism activities, with my unique career story. I will talk about very important factors for Developer Advocate and Technology Evangelist, with comparing with each job. Listening to this will be very helpful in your future work as amazing advocate/evangelist!


Taiji is currently in charge of IBM Developer Advocate for mobile, web, and IoT. Recent 3years, I have been doing DevRel activities, for example Speaker of tech talks, Organizer of my own event for engineers, Educator of mobile app development, Public Relation, and Attendant of big expo booth, etc. I can explain important points of the view from several unique jobs and attendee can know that easily. It can be talked about the theme by only me. So you should decide me for one of speakers of DevRelCon London 2017, thanks!