Taiji Hagino

Tokyo, Japan


Lead Community Manager at OutSystems.

After becoming a software engineer, Taiji Hagino started Accurate System Ltd. with his various experiences. After working as a system integrator of a subsidiary of a general trading company, he worked as a developer advocate in the IBM Global team, developing DevRel (Developer Relations), a marketing approach to engineers. Currently working as a Lead Community Manager at OutSystems. He also works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Informatics, University of Tsukuba. His authors include “Developer Marketing DevRel Q&A” (Impress R&D), “Hajimete-no Node-RED”, “Jissen Node-RED Katsuyou Manual” (Kogakusha), “Practical Node-RED Programming” (Packt), etc. He also had been a Microsoft MVP, and was previously a musician, and a hairdresser.

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