How you can Find/Hire, and Effectively Leverage an External Evangelist

By Taiji Hagino

Elevator Pitch

Does your company have “External Evangelist”? Maybe lots of companies have their own evangelist/advocate, but not have experience for effectively leverage external evangelist. IBM Developer Advocate Taiji who is also Microsoft MVP will talk about measuring the effectiveness of external evangelists.


In this session, you will learn more about External Evangelists:

What is “External Evangelist”? What kind of values does it have? How should we make the best use of it? External evangelists will definitely help us as well as internal own evangelist/advocate strongly!

Here are the top important things to leverage External Evangelist effectively:

1.External Evangelist I guess you know about technical evangelist and developer advocate well, but you may not know about external evangelist as known as internal. You learn about it so you will get more effectively results for your evangelism/advocacy activities. 2.Make Fans You should make lots of fans for your services, products, brands, etc… They will help you run better in now technology markets. 3.Award Program Let’s see a successful case. For large vendors, they are actively giving any benefits to those who contributed to the enlightenment of our services. It’s like an award program in most cases. 4.Core user to Rockstar After all, it is important to make core users a hero as a rock star. Their motivation will be enhanced and further contribution can be expected and good cycle.

Although we are Developer Advocate, we are going to go overseas as well as in Japan, and we also value exchange with overseas developer. When you have lots of external evangelists It will be a trigger for making new businesses in Japan. We are looking forward to seeing you in Japan.


I am a developer advocate in IBM, and involved in IBM Champion program (world wide IBM external evangelist program), so have knowledge/experience of best external evangelist method. Besides, also I am a Microsoft MVP holder, that’s why familiar with the system of Microsoft external evangelist program too. The point is that I am the best parson as a speaker with this theme.