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Accepting Submissions

TAICO is the Toronto Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Organisation; a meeting place for people interested in these and other topics.

At a TAICO meetup, we want attendees to find out what’s happening in the fast-moving fields of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. We want to create a place where attendees can learn how to use the latest tools, processes and ideas to build the best AI systems, and how to apply the best cybersecurity practices to build safe and secure systems of all kinds, from the public cloud to the use of large language models. Together we’ll learn how to stay on the bleeding edge of not just AI, not just cybersecurity, but where the two come together. Together we’ll discover what’s hype and what’s really possible.

TAICO wants speakers and moderators of all levels, from no experience to experts in the field. Whatever your level of knowledge or experience, there is a way for you to help us all learn. We are a flexible organisation, willing to accept traditional talks, but also open to more, such as discussions on hot new papers, or things invented 40 years ago that are still relevant, or workshops, and anything else you can think of.

Please note that TAICO events are only held in Toronto, and we would not be able to cover any travel costs. So if you are submitting from outside of the Greater Toronto Area, please keep that in mind. As well, at this time we do not expect to be holding any virtual events.

CFP Description

We are looking for talks, workshops, panels and paper discussions–anything related to artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, and also items where the two intersect. Please note that what you submit can only be about AI and related fields, or only about cybersecurity and security in general, or topics where the two intersect. You don’t need to be an expert–or even interested–in both fields to submit, though we certainly welcome talks where the two topics collide.

Our meetups and events occur in at different locations in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Let us know what your ideas are. The more information the better! Thanks!

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