GDG DevFest Thunder Bay - 2019

Thunder Bay September 28, 2019

Tags: Android, Cloud, Iot, Kubernetes, Firebase, Tensorflow, Web technologies, Google maps platform, Ui/ux, Machine learning, Angular, G suite, Flutter

CFP closed at  September 19, 2019 15:09 UTC

We are hosting our first DevFest 2019 event at Thunder Bay which is brought in by GDG Cloud Thunder Bay group. This will be a community associated one day event to attract students, developers as well as companies interested in Google’s technologies followed with latest tech topics like Android, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Flutter, Firebase, I.O.T, Hybrid Apps and many more.

Along with your kind assistance, we will be able to create a memorable DevFest 2019 event.

Mark your calendar: September 28, 2019.

Venue: The exact location for holding the event setup is still TBD.

CFP Description

For our speakers, we are interested in hearing for topics like:

Cloud: Firebase, Kubernetes, G Suite, Cloud Pricing Machine Learning : Building technologies with TensorFlow, Vision API, AutoML, etc Android: Any developer tools, architecture and functionality. Mobile Application Development Framework: Flutter UI/UX: Material Design, best practices, accessibility Emerging Technologies: I.O.T, Hybrid Apps, etc. Web technologies: Angular Google Maps Platform Developer Stories: Share your journey

Any other topics that might be of interest!

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