CFP closed at  January 21, 2020 06:59 UTC

What is Trajectory?

A conference by LaunchDarkly for software innovators who want to break orbit, not systems.

Who will attend?

We’re expecting 300+ executives and individual contributors from Development, Operations & Product Teams.

Who are we looking for?

Here are some sample topics but feel free to submit ideas outside of these prompts. Both technical and non-technical submissions are welcome.

  • Transformation or disaster stories - learning that we need new software to safely operate in this new world
  • How to knock down the cultural barriers and get DevOps/feature flag adoption at massive scale
  • The new tech stack for brownfield development
  • The path from continuous delivery to progressive delivery
  • Increasing the speed of delivery
  • Cool hacks - unique ways people are using feature flags
  • Modern application trends/software development lifecycle
  • How feature management has enabled your team to run powerful use cases like:
    • Progressive Delivery
    • Test in Production
    • Targeted Rollouts & Canary Launches
    • Dynamic Configuration
    • Safe Migrations
    • Beta Groups
    • Experimentation
    • Feature Entitlements

When is the deadline to submit?

January 20th, 2020 at11:59pm PST

Speakers will receive a complimentary ticket to Trajectory 2020. Please reach out to the LaunchDarkly team at if you have any questions. We’re happy to help with your submission ideas and anything else you need!

CFP Description

We all work hard to delight our users. We strive to innovate quickly to provide them with more features and better experiences. But moving this fast comes with inherent risks.

The software industry is in the midst of a major shift to safely operate in this new world of continuous innovation. Leading teams are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by evolving development, operations, and release practices. New technologies and tools, such as containers, orchestration frameworks, feature management, and continuous integration, are vital in their ability to make this transition.

Businesses that are successfully navigating this transition are no longer inhibited by the fear of breaking things. They use modern techniques and tools to collaborate more effectively, get feedback sooner and validate their ideas, and have more control over what they’re putting into the world.

Come learn how modern development teams and leading organizations use feature management to build better software faster, with less risk.