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3rd & 4th November ‘22 - Live event

Digital Presentations:

31st October ‘22 to 2nd November ‘22


Live event is at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London, UK

What is it about:

Cyber Security We believe there a a knowledge gap between the cyber security specialists and front line business leaders and IT Departments. We want to close that gap Day 1 is for business leaders and IT departments - Day 2 becomes more technical and is for more advanced understanding right up to cyber security specialists, hackers and researchers.


The event is free to attend and will host up to 3,000 people from business, IT and cyber job roles

Room Sizes:

Rooms vary from 40 to 300 seats

Complexity of Seminar Sessions:

We have a unique rating system from Level 1 (no cyber knowledge) up to Level 6 (Hacker/ Researcher) please see our rating system and rate accordingly

CFP Description

We’re looking for sessions from the community that fall into any of the following categories:

Cyber Security for Business Leaders

Seminars to help leaders from all industries understand the increasingly complex nature of the cyber security landscape. Uncover the challenges and the potential of cyber security, along with the vocabulary and frameworks to support strategic decision making to secure their organisations’ cyber-resilient future.

Cybersecurity for IT Professionals and Cyber Professionals

Application Security | DevSecOps | Cloud Security | Cryptography and Quantum Cryptography | Forensics and Incident Response | Exploit Development | Hardware and Firmware | Human Factors & Social Engineering | Malware Analysis, Detection and Remediation | Mobile Vulnerabilities | Network Security | Open Source Hacking Tools | Policy | Reverse Engineering.

Session Format

Seminar sessions are presented in 30 minutes, Panel or Deep Dive Sessions are 45 minutes we will provide audio and visual systems.

Technical Level

We operate a seminar grading system to illustrate how accessible the content will be to the audience, so please do include the complexity level for your suggestion.

Those technical/complexity levels are:

Level 1: ABSOLUTE BEGINNER We all have to start somewhere, and if you’re a business leader we’re not going to overwhelm you with acronyms or specialist subjects. This is the stream for you if you’re dipping your toes into cyber for the first time. Here, we’ll show you how your business can be affected and give you the basics.

Level 2: I’VE HEARD OF RANSOMWARE So, you’ve got a little bit of cyber know how but there’s definitely some gaps left in your knowledge? If you know what a firewall is and how Ransomware can impact your business, but that’s about it – then this is a session for you.

Level 3: IT SAVVY You might work in the IT department and you are familiar with things like Cyber Essentials. You know what WannaCry was and wish more people would use 2FA. You do have some parts of your role that require cyber security skills.

Level 4: ADVANCED IT SKILLS You are a technical IT professional. You are professionally involved in keeping your organisation secure and whilst it isn’t your full time job, you need to know how cyber is evolving - people depend on you.

Level 5: CYBER PRO You are a certified cybersecurity professional. Infosec is what you do, so you’re looking for high quality insight from industry leaders and change-makers. No problem, stop by these sessions to level-up your cyber knowledge.

Level 6: RESEARCHER/ENGINEER/HACKER You know if you’re level 6.

Submission Information:

Please ensure each submission includes detailed biographies of the speaker including qualifications, company/ institute and previous events spoken at.

Submissions may not include product or sales pitches.

Submissions must clearly show the concept, findings or research that is planned to be presented.

Submissions must include a short abstract detailing the concepts, findings and research that is to be presented.

Submissions that highlight brand new information, include white papers or case studies will be preferred.

More than one submission may be submitted, but please use a separate email.

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