We RISE Tech Conference

Atlanta, GA June 21, 2018, June 22, 2018

Tags: Front-end, Back-end, Cool $h!t, Leadership/ career, Product/ ux/ ui, Workshop, 101 codelab, Community

CFP closed at  February 08, 2018 07:59 UTC

The We Rise Tech Conference amplifies women and allies of all genders in technology. We Rise stands apart as a conference committed to rigor, connection, and enthusiasm in equal parts. Join us at our 2nd annual conference and career expo to gain deep knowledge on a wide breadth of topics, expand your networks, and spark new connections.

We Rise Tech Conference features technical, educational, inspirational and action-provoking sessions. Over two days, you can expect a combination of keynote talks, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops. A multi-track program will offer something for all attendees while maintaining quality over quantity. A range of abilities, disciplines, and voices will be represented on each track.

CFP Description

We RISE Tech Conference

by Women Who Code Atlanta

June 21 - 22 2018


You’re invited to the 2nd annual We RISE Tech Conference taking place in downtown Atlanta, on June 21 - 22 2018. We are expecting hundreds of attendees and over 50 speakers for this one-of-a-kind event.

Important Dates

Deadline for submission: 11:59p PST February 7, 2018

Notification of acceptance: by March 2nd, 2018

What are we looking for?

We are looking for creative women and allies of all genders working in Technology with experiences in technical or soft skills.

Talks can be anything from sharing your work-process to demonstrating new technologies. The goal of your talk must be to share your knowledge about technical and soft skill experiences with technical leaders, software developers, product managers, designers and other technologists. If you use a specific language, your talk must be understandable by good developers even if they don’t know the exact language syntax (short snippets or pseudo-code are totally fine). Attendees will be able to take away simple changes that can improve their day-to-day jobs.

Don’t be afraid to bring up advanced stuff. Submissions by first-time speakers are especially welcome! If you have an awesome idea, do not hesitate to submit it! We will be happy to give you the necessary feedback to make sure it matches our expectations.

You must be 18+.

Talk Formats

  • Talks are 45-minute blocks including the optional Q&A
  • Lightning Talks are ~10-minute blocks
  • Half-day Workshops or CodeLabs are 2-hour 45-minute blocks
  • Whole-day Workshops or CodeLabs are 5-hour 30-minute sessions


  • Front-end Development - Client-side languages and issues integral to building websites and applications.

  • Back-end Development - Server side application development languages, tools and topics.

  • Cool $h!t - New technologies or twists to existing technologies that are changing and expanding the world of tech. Think Aerospace, Blockchain, VR, AR, AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Connected Devices and any topic that stretches the boundaries of the technologies we work with.

  • Product/ UX/ UI - Processes and topics focused on product strategy and management, how a product or app feels, how it is laid out, what it looks like.

  • Leadership/ Career - These talks help develop real-world skills that grow your career and improve your teams. We’ll also include a special emphasis on talks that help women grow themselves as leaders in tech. Topics may include ideas of empathy, rapid prototyping, entrepreneurship, effective leadership and communication, and mentoring.

  • Community - These talks highlight ways we can build and improve our communities, from our work and study spaces to cities across the world. Topics may include diversity & inclusion, social impact, smart cities, education, open source and user groups.

  • Workshops - Whole-day or half-day, hands-on, deep dives into a wide range of advanced technical topics. Some level of prerequisite knowledge required.

  • 101 CodeLabs - Whole-day or half-day, hands-on, introductions for those new to foundational technologies. Minimal level of prerequisite knowledge required.

As a speaker, you’ll receive:

  • A free ticket to attend all conference events, including: all talks, swag, food and parties