CFP closed at  May 31, 2023 10:28 UTC

After a triumphant return in 2022, we’re excited to announce our annual Summit returns December 1 and 2 2022 in Sydney, and it will be bigger than ever!

An event for the whole front end and digital product team, covering front-end engineering, design and product management, content design and strategy, the React ecosystem and a brand new design systems focussed track–with as always featuring world leading speakers.

Web Directions Summit again takes place at the ICC Sydney, October 26 & 27 2023

CFP Description

Web Directions Summit covers the whole front end team–product, design, engineering, content design, design systems and more across 6 tracks.

At Web Directions we have a strong editorial style we’ve developed over more than 15 years of putting together conferences. The type of sessions that prove popular, and so which we program, tend to have a number of characteristics:

  • They’re often about “unknown unknowns”–introducing or explaining to the audience concepts, practices or technologies they may not be aware of, or maybe only vaguely aware of, that would be useful to them in their work, today, or in the near future.
  • They’re focussed–don’t think breadth, think focus and depth.
  • Forward looking (but not far future). It’s right there in our name “directions”–we want to help our audience chart where they are going, but we don’t want to lead them down dead ends, or show them things that might only one day become useful. Each year we tend to get a lot of similar proposals for something that’s now the topic everyone is talking about–and would have

One of the things we love hearing from our audience is “I can’t wait to get back to work and put this into practice”. If you can aim for that, for the event’s target audience, you’ll go a long way to getting a place in the schedule.

Here’s a few more tips what we recommend to give yourself the best chance of getting a place at our conferences.

  • Most sessions especially those chosen from CFPs are of 30 minutes duration.
  • If we see proposals we really like, we start pencilling them in before the closing date. So it pays to not wait until last minute.
  • We’re also happy for multiple proposals from the same person.
  • Past presentations give a good indication of the sort of thing we’re looking for as well.
  • Focus is good! Rather than proposing for example “what’s new in Javascript” think about a deep dive on one aspect of what’s new in JavaScript (for example “Crunchy or smooth? All about JavaScript’s Spread Operator”). What’s something you think is indispensable but not as many people know about and use as you think should? There’s a great topic right there!

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