Agile Nepal Conference 2024

Kathmandu January 06, 2024
Tags: Scrum, Agile, Software engineering, Extreme programming, Agile methodologies

CFP closed at  November 15, 2023 11:52 UTC

Agile Nepal is organizing the “Agile Nepal Conference 2024” on January 6, 2024, in Kathmandu. This event is an opportunity to collaborate with fellow agile professionals, learning from each other and producing valuable outcomes featuring meaningful and actionable interactions.

Agile Nepal Conference is an event of like-minded Scrum practitioners, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts. The event is filled with amazing keynote speakers, breakout sessions, open space sessions, and networking sessions that help deepen your Scrum knowledge.

CFP Description

Agile Nepal is keen to hear enlightening discourses that tap into the heart of Agile practices and its evolving landscape. We’re particularly interested in presentations that delve into advanced Agile methodologies, real-world case studies of successful (or even challenging) Agile transitions, and insights into the nexus between technology and Agile, including the most effective tools and platforms. Our audience is a diverse mix of seasoned Scrum practitioners, dedicated trainers, insightful coaches, and Agile newcomers eager to deepen their understanding. Real-life examples, hands-on strategies, and foresight into the future of Agile will resonate profoundly.

As you formulate your talks, consider the Agile Nepal Conference 2024 as an arena of deep exploration, where knowledge meets application, and theory is backed by tangible experiences. Your insights will not only enhance the quality of our event but also empower our attendees to navigate their Agile journeys with renewed confidence and clarity.