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Oct 1-2, 2019
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Presented by Zebra Technologies

AMERICAS APPFORUM is the premier technical conference for Zebra partners and customers in North, Central, and Latin America. With development and thought-leadership tracks, this conference will contain valuable content for software developers, managers, IT leaders and C-level executives.

Attendees will unite and participate in workshops, networking sessions with peers, Zebra experts and product owners and listen to keynote and breakout sessions led by Zebra and other leaders in the industry.

Visit the AMERICAS APPFORUM 2019 website for more information.

CFP Description

Zebra Technologies is accepting submissions from industry experts to educate our audience of partners and customers on a variety of technical topics.
Internal Speakers: Do NOT need to resubmit papers from previous 2019 APPFORUM events.
External Speakers: Please DO resubmit papers for the Americas event.

The Development track is intended to offer intro-level and advanced instruction, hands-on workshops and information covering general development techniques for Java, Xamarin and/or web-specific techniques for using Zebra’s world-class SDKs and application platforms, best practices for device deployment and management, barcode-related practices and other topic of interest to Zebra partners (see topic list below).

The Thought Leadership track will focus on high-level and future-thinking topics and technology trends and their impact on healthcare, manufacturing, retail, warehousing, transportation and logistics and other industries. We’re also interested in what’s coming from the Android community and its new app development and device management models.

Ideal speakers are technology practitioners. These industry-expert speakers could be IT managers, software developers, development managers, other technical experts, as well as Industry Thought Leaders, and will be speaking to their peers, offering practical solutions to the most pressing challenges facing technical workers today.

Zebra partners and customers are specifically invited to submit session ideas and present at the conference.

Developer Track - Areas of Interest:

  • Android Enterprise in the Workplace
  • Android Development Best Practices
  • Migrating from Android’s Device Admin to the Device-Owner Model
  • All About Managed Configurations and the OEMConfig Utility
  • Workshop for managing printers, staging, secure printing
  • Improving customer workflow by introducing barcodes
  • Designing Apps With the User Experience in Mind
  • How to Build an Intuitive User Interface
  • Building Secure Applications
  • Zebra Partners/Customers Reveal:

–* Development Challenges Solved –* How to Successfully Target Specific Verticals (healthcare, manufacturing, retail, warehousing, T&L) –* Strategies for Using Zebra Tools (DataWedge, Enterprise Browser, Enterprise Home Screen, Enterprise Keyboard, etc.) –* When to Choose DataWedge over EMDK and vice-versa

Thought Leadership Track - Areas of Interest:

  • New Android features and their applicability to the enterprise
  • New ways to improve a company’s bottom line
  • Attracting, motivating and retaining “millennial” employees
  • How to inspire innovation among employees
  • Leveraging data analytics to drive organizational efficiency
  • Industry directions and trends
  • Enterprise applications for:

–* Automation, Robots or Drones –* Augmented reality, Virtual reality –* Blockchain –* Leveraging social media –* Real-time location systems, geographic location systems –* Machine learning, artificial intelligence

These are suggested topics of interest to APPFORUM organizers. Speakers are free to vary or submit their own.

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