API The Docs Virtual 2022

(Online) September 21, 2022, October 12, 2022, October 26, 2022, November 09, 2022

Tags: Developer experience, Developer portals, Apis, Api documentation, Rest api, Docs as code, Api lifecycle, Technical writing, Devrel, Developer relations, Api docs, Api the docs

CFP closed at  August 08, 2022 20:00 UTC

API The Docs is a conference space dedicated to API documentation and developer portals. The conference series is organized by Pronovix since 2016, virtual since 2020. The events are for techwriters, product owners, developer relations engineers: members of API teams who want to deep dive in API documentation and explore how it relates to a great developer experience.

Is this for me?

API The Docs is a knowledge sharing space for people

  • involved in documenting APIs;
  • promoting and managing the API products and program;
  • looking to grow their interface products, services, and audience;
  • supporting and working within the API ecosystem.

When is it?

API The Docs 2022 is a series of four real time online events, taking place on the Wednesdays of 21 September, 12 & 26 October, 9 November (15-18 UTC).

What are the criteria for talk selection?

  • What topic does the talk focus on?
  • How relevant is this to API documentation and developer portals?
  • Does it introduce new ways of thinking or innovation? Novice speakers are welcome.
  • Who would benefit from learning about this topic and how can they implement or progress on the topic?

What else do I need to know?

Talks are expected to be 20 minutes in duration, informative and providing the results of your research, development, and best practices. API The Docs is a techstack- and vendor neutral knowledge sharing space. Restrict any marketing of products and services to a minimum (for example. a brief mention, links for more information). All API The Docs events are recorded and published online.

If you have issues with using Papercall for submitting your talk proposal, contact us at info@apithedocs.org

CFP Description

What topics could be covered in 2022?

  • API strategy & governance and how they relate to API documentation
  • UX focused API design & great developer experience design (best practices, new trends, tools)
  • API description languages & API publication solutions (use cases, trends, best practices, challenges & solutions)
  • Documenting non-REST API formats (GraphQL, Kafka Streams, AsyncAPI, SOAP)
  • API references with additional content (use cases, trends, best practices)
  • Business documentation on API portals & BizDevOps
  • Devportals at scale: change management on large & complex API documentation sets (case studies)
  • API lifecycle and your devportal
  • Publishing workflows for API documentation
  • DocOps, Docs as Code, CI/CD on your developer portal (case studies)
  • Community management and developer relations in the API economy