Kickoff Live Meetup - Bangalore Monitoring & Observability Group - Call For Speakers

Zoom Live Meeting - To Be Updated May 23, 2020
Tags: Prometheus, Grafana, Thanos, Cortex, Monitoring, Logging, Tracing, Observability, Metrics, Kubernetes, Cloudnative

Accepting Submissions

About Us

Bangalore Monitoring and Observability Meetup is a free and volunteer organized monthly observability meetup focused on the three pillars of observability (monitoring, logging, tracing), Raw Event model, APMs, Anomaly Detection and all developments associated with the field of practical and theoretical observability of complex and distributed systems.


We have GrafanaLabs as our core sponsors, who are not only going to sponsor the stickers and goodies, but also would be providing us deep insight into the world of observability through regular speakers who are involved actively with various open source projects around observability.

We have Richard Hartmann and Goutham V from Grafana to thank for the idea and support for making this happen.


If you are a new speaker and would appreciate mentorship post acceptance of your talk, Zainab Bawa from has very kindly offered to help. Given her vast experience in organizing a mutitude of events for hasgeek, this is a great opportunity.



The Kickoff event is going to be an online only live event conducted as a zoom webinar.

CFP Description


You are invited to propose a presentation/talk for Bangalore Monitoring and Observability Meetup to be held on Saturday, May 23, 2020. Our focus is on practical, applied observability practices. If you’ve got a topic or an idea that you’d like to talk about, write down an outline & submit it!

Topic Considerations

Our audience covers a wide range of the DevOps and Observability community, so the topics could range in the following categories:

  • State of the union talks on state of a specific vertical of observability
    • Logging
    • Monitoring
    • Tracing
    • Raw Events
    • eBPF
    • Anomaly Detection
  • Applied theories of system observation on stacks that you maintain
  • Updates and nuances of Open source observability platforms that you use
  • Any new unique developments in the field of observability (directly, not tangential progress)

We’re looking for talks that have a practical application and adoption, whether that’s a process you have to get things done more efficiently, any custom code you’ve written, or a tool you use. Show us how YOU do observability and why that’s valuable to our audience.

If you have a vendor-specific talk​, your take-away can not be something proprietary to your product. In other words, spend time discussing the underlying observability problems the product is solving and review multiple options. There must be a ‘free’ option or at least a way to accomplish some of it with the built-in tools from that specific platform. Sales-pitches will not be accepted. We’re also not looking for a straight-up demo of a observability tool.

Ideal talks will have some sort of deliverable for the audience, something they can take back and apply to their real world problems. Practical actions, scripts / code, methodologies, commands, etc. that people can use after the talk and find value from – these are what the we will be looking for.

Selection is based on content, so submit a talk that helps the community to increase chances of getting selected. If not that, then make sure the take-aways from your discussion are awesome. If you have a talk that is extremely useful and practical for anyone to use today, then you’ve got great chances.

Here are some specific things we’re looking for in a good submission. Include these in the Description section below:

  • An outline of the talk (The more detail you provide, the more confidence we’ll have that you’re worth listening to)
  • A presentation (PPT / PDF / other slide decks)
  • Have you given this talk at other conferences? If so, when & where?
  • Is your company name mentioned at all after your Bio slide? If so, what’s the context & why?
  • Are there any additional files or documentation you can link us to about your topic? (white papers, proof of concept, code, etc)

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