Livestreaming April 30, 2020

Tags: Powershell, Automation, Dotnet, .net, Windows, Microsoft, Infrastructure, Cloud, Azure, Aws, Sre, Sysadmin

CFP closed at  April 14, 2020 23:59 UTC

#BridgeConf is a one-day single track livestreamed conference-style event for PowerShell, automation, programming, infrastructure, sysadmin, and other miscellaneous nerds around the world. This event doesn’t have a singular focus, but it is born from the PowerShell Discord/Slack community. The most popular, and most socially engaging channel on the PowerShell Discord/Slack network is #bridge (hence, #BridgeConf). In a world where we’re all disappointed that so many wonderful conferences and other in-person events are (rightfully) canceled, #BridgeConf is an opportunity for the PowerShell community to quickly unite to do what we all do best: share knowledge, and have fun. See you there!

We’ll be livestreaming at twitch.tv/bridgeconf. You can follow it now to be alerted when we go live on April 30!

CFP Description

We want to hear about what you’ve got a passion for. We want enthusiastic sessions from people who love what they’re working on, or what they have to share with the community. If you want to show off something you built for work that saves your organization millions of dollars, submit a session on that! If you want to give the community a primer on something you think is super interesting, submit a session on that! We’re looking for 45 minute sessions that you are already ready, or close to ready, to talk about.

We’re sure there are plenty of “I was excited to give this session at $event.Name, but, it got canceled and now I don’t have anywhere to give it” type of feelings going on. Submit what you’re excited to talk about!