Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters (COSCUP)

Taipei, Taiwan July 29, 2023, July 30, 2023
Tags: Open source, Golang, Mysql, Open edge ai, Tinyml, Postgresql, Osm, Wikidata, Chatbot, Blockchain, Dlt, Rust, Rails, Licensing, Open data, Kubernetes, Ruby, Jvm, Laravel, Vue, Software, Pycon, Google developers, Openran, Julia, Martech, Ai

CFP closed at  May 23, 2023 00:04 UTC

Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters (COSCUP) is an annual conference organized by a community-driven group of Taiwanese Open Source since 2006. It is a major force of Free software movement advocacy in Taiwan. We wish to provide a platform for connecting Open Source coders, users, and promoters, and to promote FLOSS with this annual conference. COSCUP 2023 will take place July 29 - 30, 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan, at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

The event is often held in two days, with talks, sponsor and communities booths, and Birds of a feather (computing). The chief organizer, staffs, and speakers are all volunteers. No matter if you are an Open Source coder, a devoted promoter, an enthusiastic user, or just a newcomer - We welcome you to be part of COSCUP! We are soliciting presentation proposals Friday, April 14th - Tuesday, May 23rd. Read more at

CFP Description

We are looking for talks in open-source related areas:

To give you an idea of the types of talks we are looking for we have created the tracks listed below:
* Golang
* MySQL sharing platform
* Open Edge AI & TinyML
* What else can be open besides data in agriculture?
* Let’s Read the Source Code
* Open standards and open source solutions for healthcare information
* PostgreSQL
* OpenStreetMap x Wikidata Open Content Track
* Chatbot Developers
* Blockchain and Distributed Ledger
* Rust
* Open Licensing
* Open Source Newbies
* Open Source Inspired Hardware
* Interdisciplinary Practice of Art, Culture, Local Context, and Open Data
* Kubernetes Community Day Taiwan
* Ruby
* JVM United
* Laravel and Vue Communities
* Open knowledge and diverse values
* Open Design
* System Software
* PyCon TW Community
* Google Developers
* O-RAN in B5G/6G
* Open Source Firmware
* Julia Language
* Open Education
* Open Source and Career Growth
* Open MarTech
* Open Source AI
* Misc. - Other Free Libre Open Source Topics

Submit a session

We will be using the open source tool Pretalx. Please note that the length of each agenda is preset to 30 minutes, only the specific tracks are open to other agenda lengths for selection, which will be filled in on the second page of the submission form. In the submission type on the first page of the submission form, please select the default value (30 mins) . You may use the language you like to give your speech or write your proposal at the CfP stage. Once your talk is accepted, we might ask you to provide further information about your session in English. All the talks will possibly be recorded and the video clips will be released under YouTube CC:BY-SA 4.0. If you have something in your talk that cannot be recorded or released under CC, please do leave a note in your proposal.

Dates & Procedures

The Call for Papers submission deadline is on May, 23rd (AoE). All submissions will be reviewed by invited reviewers and the community. After all talks and the described abstract are reviewed, we will inform you about the status of your submission starting in June. An in-person conference will be held on July 29th and 30th 2023 at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Taipei, Taiwan.

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In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to COSCUP program committee at

Please Note: We only accept papers that are submitted via Pretalx

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