Craft Conference 2022 - Software Craftmanship

Budapest, Hungary May 31, 2022, June 01, 2022, June 02, 2022, June 03, 2022
Tags: Software delivery, Software developing, Devops, Software craftmanship, Security, Docker, Blockchain, Engineering management, High performance teams, Technical debt, Kubernetes, Machine learning, Orchestration, Containerisation

CFP closed at  March 18, 2022 00:00 UTC

Craft Conference is an international festival-like event about software craft. It combines talk sessions, workshops and a hackathon where attendees can learn about the latest tools, methods and practices of software craft. An event that serves as a compass on new technologies and trends provided by top-notch experts from all over the world.

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CFP Description

The main areas we plan to cover are:

  • Language agnostic methods (tdd, bdd, ddd, ci, cd, security, performance, service oriented architecture etc.)

  • Team and organisational level topics (agile, devops etc.)

  • New trends, emerging technologies (containerisation, functional programming, languages, distributed systems, CRFTs, newsql etc.)

Please pick whichever fits your proposal best. We are looking for Intermediate and Advance topics.

The Call for Presentations ends on March 25.


  • Talk session will be held on June 2-3.

  • Sessions will be 45 minutes long (30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A), so please prepare your topic in this timeframe.


  • Workshop session will be held on May 31-June 1.

  • Sessions will be a day long (~8 hours).

We plan to organize our next Craft Conference in an offline format which means that we are looking for in-person Speakers.

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