Accepting Submissions

SWES is a community for StationF’s software engineers.

The format and topics covered during the meetups are defined following the feedback provided by the members: check this Typeform report

Please keep in mind that the Station F ecosystem is composed of heterogenous startups working in really different industries, the roles and pre-occupations of software engineers are really diverse :)

The club is animated by the Koyeb and Quickwit teams.

CFP Description

This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with other CTOs and start a constructive conversation on best practices. Some ideas based on the most requested topics:

  • Are you an expert with a deployment technology like containers, VMs, Kubernetes, PaaS, or serverless?
  • Do you have experience managing projects and teams and want to share your techniques and approaches?
  • Do you know about cool observability or monitoring practices or technologies that you could introduce and share with the group?
  • Know another cool topic? Propose it here to share your idea!

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