Dev Fest Weekend

7000 State Highway 161, Irving, TX 75039 October 13, 2018
Tags: Iot, 3d printing,, Xamarin, Cloud, C#, F#, Javascript, Typescript, Azure

CFP closed at  August 17, 2018 22:08 UTC

What this conference is about:

There was a group of local MVPs talking after a local user group meeting. After an engaging conversation on conferences, we came to the following conclusion:

Although we have many great conferences and great sessions within our reach, we haven’t seen enough of the kind of presentations that excite us. So instead of just talking about the problem, we decided to do something about it.

This is a grass-root initiative.

CFP Description

Session format

Each session will be 45 minutes long, with a scheduled 15 minutes of question and answer time. This give you, the presenter, 60 minutes to use however you need. There is a 15 minute break between sessions, so please be ready to quickly make way for the next presenter.

Topics we would like to see

  • With the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), developers need to be more aware of the actual hardware and the capabilities of that hardware.
  • The maker community can help all of us to bring prototypes to life and condense the development cycle of real world products
  • VR/AR/MR is real. yep, there are ton of games, but real companies are starting to incorporate this technology in both training and day to day activities
  • Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics as well as the languages and techniques to both use and advance them are not going away.
  • Developers still need to keep your daily driver (the stuff you are doing now) sharp and get a deeper perspective on how to be more efficient and produce awesome software.
  • Got something cool about cloud and want to tell us about it?
  • Our pockets are full of smart phones, so bring on the mobile development abstracts.
  • The Web isn’t going anywhere, so bring some web awesomeness to consume.

Although we know that all of you have a ton of great talks, we really would appreciate it if you only submit 3 of them for consideration.

Open Spaces

We are planning on having a room set aside for ad hoc discussions and to show off your latest creations, being it hardware or software.


  • We are a community driven event, so we do not currently have any plans to compensate for any travel related expenses.
  • Free entry to the event! A $50 value!

We are gearing up to have a maximum of 300 attendees.