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Toronto June 20, 2020, July 18, 2020, September 19, 2020, October 17, 2020, November 21, 2020, December 05, 2020
Tags: Blockchain, Devops, Docker, React, Iot, Soft skills, Ux/ui, Functional programming

Accepting Submissions

The Commitment: In-person at Devhub Toronto 4-6 hours on a Saturday is our regular scheduled time, though there is some flexibility The Experience: Workshops provide education in new and specialized areas in order to strengthen and diversify Canada’s developer community. Attendees often take their learning back to their workplace, apply it in building a side project, or add it to their resume to remain competitive in today’s market. While attendees may have different motivations, they all walk away having learned something exceptionally useful. A combination of lecture and hands-on learning Tutoring and mentorship Code-alongs, projects, and application-focused learning Prep-material beforehand is ideal for less experienced developers

The Audience: 1-5 year experienced developers who are are looking for hands-on application of a particular subject area Desire to ramp up their career skills, either by upgrading an existing skill or learning something completely new that is highly relevant Their employer may have asked them to attend in order to bring the learnings back to their workplace or enhance their skill set An intimate workshop for ~10 attendees Open to all who purchase a ticket

The Support: We provide a classroom setting with a TV, whiteboard, and speaker podium We survey the attendees for feedback and research

What We’re Looking For Speaker Partner: A paid opportunity for an experienced developer with a passion for education and the desire the grow the developer community. Hosted as a ticketed community event, typically $100/ticket.

CFP Description

The best workshops come from a place of experience, but also passion. Cover something you enjoy and want to share with your peers. Here are some subject areas developers want to learn more about: - Devops - Blockchain - AI/Machine Learning - AR/VR - Computer Science - Data Science - Soft Skills (non-technical) - Open Sources - IoT - React Native - Redux - GraphQL - Android/Java - WebGL - Web Mapping - Typescript - Unit Testing - Electron - Docker - Unix Scripting - Test Driven Development - Solidity - UI/UX - Web Design - Web Extensions

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