CFP closed at  April 20, 2019 00:04 UTC

Devopsdays is coming to Poznań!

CFP Description

If you’re brainstorming ideas, you might think of:

telling a story of success (or failure, both equally important!) a pattern that has worked for you (and under what circumstances it works) what was challenging about implementing a particular solution what a deep dive on a particular technology taught you a time you drove change through your organization what you see in store for the future in this space As the audience is all technical we ask that you keep the following in mind, if you have concerns please ask us, we’re happy to review and provide feedback:

We want developers and operators talking to their own; give a talk that you would love to attend yourself No infomercials please. We’re sure some API, SaaS, pay for tool is fantastic, but marketing material is plentiful on the web We want our content to be inclusive - be mindful of the audience and ensure that the content complies with our Code of Conduct To see some past examples from this particular event, see the 2017 Program or 2016 Program. Full Talk - 30 minutes

Aiming for 25 minutes of live presentation, leaving 5 minutes for Q&A from the audience. It would usually be a topic you’ve had first hand experience with - something that rings true for you.

Ignite Talk - 5 minutes

If you’re new to the format - see for details! In short - you’ll have 20 slides that auto-advance (15 seconds each) for a total of 5 fun-filled minutes!

Please ensure that your presentation slides are submitted before the cut-off date to allow us to ensure timing is set and the presentations are queued up together (there isn’t time to change personal laptops in between). If they can’t be prepared on time they will be supplemented with cat pictures. You laugh - but we have prepared cats. Which made us laugh.