DevSecOps Days Boston 2021 Online

Online/Virtual July 26, 2021
Tags: Devsecops, Devops, Security

CFP closed at  June 28, 2021 23:00 UTC

DevSecOps Days Boston is a one-day conference focused on empowering developers, security, and operations practitioners to adopt secure coding and delivery practices, improving how technology and people systems do these things together. It will be held online on July 26th 2021.

100% of net ticket sales and contributor sponsorships for DevSecOps Days Boston will go to good causes.

DevSecOps Days is a global series of virtual conferences helping to educate, evolve, and explore concepts around developing security as code.

CFP Description

We’re looking for you to record a unique 15-20 minute technical presentation around modern security culture and practices, especially field studies and collaborations, with at least 30 minutes of async questions during and after the pre-recording broadcasts. Once accepted, your pre-recording must be received by July 14th (2 weeks after acceptance notifications are sent).

Sample topics include experiences implementing security as code at scale, application of security tooling in the software delivery process, and otherwise how to improve security practices and mindset in and across organizations practicing continuous delivery and DevOps. In particular, we are looking to highlight the business value of embracing security across all kinds of end-user organizations. We’re also keen to hear about making security batteries-included by default, so that more people can contribute to delivering safe and risk-averted software into production environments quickly and reliably.

The typical audience includes security professionals, SREs, developers, automation engineers, and cloud operations professionals. We encourage first-time speakers to submit, and the co-chairs will offer coaching to any selected speaker who would like assistance or feedback. Please ensure that you include in the notes field an outline of the topics you intend to cover in your submission.

This conference is anticipating between 250-350 attendees the first [virtual] year. There will be two keynotes plus at least 6 presenters, interspersed with booth swarm and other activities. Thus, we’re looking for 8 outstanding presentations to cover the spectrum from small to large implementers, and greenfield to brownfield.

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