Django Indaba - "The meetup for Pizza lovers and web development"

Harare, Zimbabwe
Tags: Django, Web2py, Graphene, Django-restframework, Python, Ember, React, Angular, Plone, Graphql, Flask, Docker, Lxd, Fastapi, Starlette, Gino, Asyncio

Accepting Submissions

Django Indaba is an event for sharing information about web development and open source technologies in general. Although our discussions are mostly focused on Python Web frameworks we do not discriminate on those who do not use these tools.

Besides discussing Web development, we also indulge in eating Pizza

Django Indaba is held after every three months starting from June 30 2018 in the Sunshine City of Harare. We are always looking for speakers.


CFP Description

Who should submit?

Django Indaba is a community event and we would like to hear from you all regardless of your experience with Django & Python. We do not care whether you are a beginner, hobbyist advanced user or CTO. All we want to hear is what you want to share with our audience.

Don’t have ideas?

You can think about something you would like to learn and by so doing you get to learn about the topic and will be able to share your experiences with our audience.

You could also inspired by challenges that you have overcome.

You still dont have an idea?

Perhaps these topics can stir you into action

  • Web application containers
  • Best practices
  • Javascript front-end frameworks
  • REST/APIs:
    • Django Rest Framework
    • Graphql
  • Databases-Postgres, Mysql
  • CMS
  • Testing
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