Docker Community All Hands #4

Online December 09, 2021
Tags: Java, Python, Go, Javascript, C#, Docker desktop, Docker compose, Kubernetes

CFP closed at  November 19, 2021 16:38 UTC

Join us on December 9th for our next Docker Community All-Hands! This virtual event is a unique opportunity for the Docker community to come together with Docker staff for company and product updates, live demos, community-lead breakout sessions, and a live Q&A.

CFP Description

The Docker Community All-Hands is focused on education and discussion of Docker as a tool for developers. This month’s topic will be innovation and experimentation.


  • Containerizing your application
  • APIs and Microservices
  • MLOps
  • IoT and Hardware
  • Secure Software Supply Chain
  • Security
  • Tooling and Workflow
  • Showcasing experiments


  • No commercial content
  • Technical, educational, research, new technology, case studies
  • Q&A at speaker’s discretion

Attendees (2)