CFP closed at  October 31, 2020 12:05 UTC

About us

Design x South Africa wants to mix things up. Conference. Network. Interact. Design. We’re a proudly African, one-day annual conference. We want to create a space to meet and learn from each other in the Design community, opportunities to hear inspiring speakers or interact in an informal one-on-one setting at a virtual table.

Oh shucks, not another conference: what makes this one different?

Dear Designers, and those needing or leading designers…all can benefit from a meeting of minds. If you identify as UX, UI, UxD, IxD, CX, HCD, CxD… copywriter? Come on in. PxD? You made that up, but get in here anyway. Whatever your “x” is, we’ve got a spot for you. Even if yours doesn’t exist. Especially if yours doesn’t exist. It’s by learning from each other that we grow and push our industries further. We may even find our common essence and the x-factor in Design.

About you

Whatever box you tick: he, she, they, introvert, extrovert, ambivert: we are an inclusive community that values diverse participation, and to provide a space for anyone and everyone.

CFP Description

Theme 2021: Crossing over – Intersections in the Design of Everything

“Overlapping and interdependent systems, identities and advantages.” We’re looking for an intersection of ideas, of disciplines. Of unexpected glitches and unbelievable combinations that ended up as pure bliss. Like peanutbutter and mayonaise. Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it. Show us your surprising mixes. Where do you draw inspiration from? We know the world is made up of patterns and forms that overlap across disciplines How can we draw upon these best practises and see these patterns? Are you a Designer who can learn from Architecture, Interior design, Art, or your grandmothers favourite dish to cook? These are the questions that intrigue us.

Types of talks

Talk (25 minutes)

Standard speaker/audience format

Round-table discussion leader (25 minutes)

A more informal platform where discussions can occur organically between the discussion leader (you) and other conference attendees

Workshop (60 minutes)

Interactive online workshop for attendees

Attendees (3)