Front End Miami's Lightning Talks Series ⚡️

CIC Miami October 01, 2019,
Tags: Javascript, Css, Html, Preprocessors, Web assembly, Static site generators, Serverless, Accessibility, Progressive web applications, Frameworks

Accepting Submissions

Front End Miami Lightning Talks Series ⚡️

  • Who: Front-End Miami
  • What: Lightning Talks Series
  • Where: CIC Miami, 1951 NW 7th Ave #600 · Miami, FL
  • When: Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
  • How (to RSVP): RSVP on our Meetup group!

If you share our passion for front-end development and would like to talk about it, submit your lightning talk proposal for Front End Miami’s Lightning Talks meetup on Tuesday, October 1st at CIC Miami!

First time speaking? That’s great! We welcome all speakers - be they new, experienced, underrepresented - to come and present.

We’re looking for anyone interested in presenting a short and sweet talk about something they’re passionate about in front-end web development. Whether it’s emoji, JavaScript syntax, markup preprocessors, or CSS variables, you’re welcome to come and present!

CFP Description

The main criterium is that they’re a maximum of 8 minutes long. Beyond that, you can present whatever you like, as long as it’s related or adjacent to front-end development or design.

If you’re new to presenting, here are a few tips for a great talk:

  • Have a couple of other people besides yourself edit your talk for tone and content.
  • Please bring your presentation on your own laptop, as we don’t necessarily have one from which you can present.
  • In case of technical difficulties, try not to rely on speaker notes.
  • Speaking of technical difficulties, if your laptop doesn’t have a common video-out port like HDMI or mini-DisplayPort, please try and provide your own cable.
  • One last note on technical difficulties: if presenting a tech demo, please make sure you have access to what you need locally on your laptop, just in case the Wi-Fi gets choppy.

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Speak at Front End Miami's Lightning Talks Series ⚡️!
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