GopherCon Singapore 2018

Singapore May 04, 2018
Tags: Go

CFP closed at  March 12, 2018 00:00 UTC

GopherCon Singapore 2018

The largest Go programming language conference in Southeast Asia is back!

GopherCon Singapore 2018 will take place in Singapore from 3 to 4 May 2018 . We are very excited to once again meet like-minded Go developers from Singapore, other parts South-East Asia and rest of the world.

GopherCon Singapore includes a one-day conference event, plus a preceding one-day workshop. We are planning to feature a total of 11-12 speakers during the main conference talks, followed by a short session of lightning talks, and will be excited if you can come on board.

We are currently soliciting talk proposals from now till 12 Mar 2018 0800hrs.

CFP Description


We welcome speakers from varying backgrounds. You do not have to be an experienced speaker or an experienced programmer to be considered for speaking at GopherCon Singapore. We aim to ensure that the conference is welcoming and relevant to both beginner and experienced programmers.

You may submit proposals for any of these talks:

  • Main conference (Time limit: 20 mins)
  • Lightning talks (Time Limit: 5-10 mins)

The choice of topic is yours. Go is so ubiquitous that people are using it in back-end services, distributed systems, databases, mobile, embedded systems, etc. We would also love to hear about your best practices, cautionary tales, future visions and hard-won lessons.

The submission process is anonymised. We take into account quality, relevance, novelty, and practical impact. Final selection is done by the organising committee.

All submitters will have tickets reserved for them at our Super Early Bird pricing if their talk does not get accepted.

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