CFP closed at  June 11, 2023 16:20 UTC

Java Conf Guatemala is a yearly event in Central America. Aimed to create a hub for Java leaders, enthusiasts and developers in Guatemala, Central America and the World :).

You could submit your proposals in english or spanish.

The event is promoted by Guatemala Java Users Group -GuateJUG-, which holds monthly meetings open for everyone, giving a space for discussion in Java(as JVM) related topics. Event’s main objective is to promote Java as platform by promoting open knowledge as other spaces already existent in worldwide cities.

JConf Guatemala is the oldest Java conference in Central America (Since 2011) , being the most successful Java event in the region (as far as we know :) ). The event presents talks and workshops in three/four tracks, allowing attendees to have access in a free/libre/gratis way to this knowledge.

The event is the result of constant meetings between JUG members, being open for everyone.

CFP Description

Call for Papers JConf Guatemala 2023

We are looking for you as speaker in 2023!

JConf Guatemala is the biggest Java conference in Central America, since 2011 we’ve constructed an exchange hub for software developers, architects, and enthusiasts around Java technologies in Guatemala.

JConf will be hosted at Guatemala City on august 5, being a conference by and for the developer community.

Speak at JConf 2023!

The Guatemala Java Users group -GuateJUG- is pleased to invite all the people interested in sharing knowledge with talks and workshops for beginners and senior developers.

Do you have something interesting to share with the community? Innovations made with Java?, Java success stories?. We and the JConf Attendees wanna know about you.

We’ve divided the conference in different tracks, being:

Java Platform

Any topic related with the JVM as development platform including, GraalVM, Java Core, certifications, JVM internals, OpenJDK.

Alternative languages

Considering the Java Virtual Machine as a polyglot execution environment, this space is specially designed for presentations related with GraalVM, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, JavaScript and beyond.

Server side development

Our most popular track. Main track focus is presentations about Java as enterprise development platform. Java EE, Spring, Akka, Spark, Kafka, MicroProfile, RxJava, etc. Every Java framework, library and standard is welcome.

Client side development

Interested in client side development?, all presentations related with JavaFX, HTML5+CSS+JS, Krazo, Vaadin, JSF, UI/UX, go here.

Small and not so small Java

SmartCards, Java Embedded, iOT, Java Me, Java TV, Android, Arduino, Rasberry Pi and related activities. Java was born here.

Big Data with Java

Since Scala and Java are first class citizens in Data Engineering, we’ve opened this track. All topics related to Spark, Hadoop, Kafka and any other thing eating/processing data over any JVM go here.

Tools, architecture and strategies

There is no wizard without a magic wand. This section includes all technologies and strategies to improve Java code quality. IDEs, CI/CD, DevOps, Docker, Kubernets, Blockchain, Hyperledger, and any other buzzword.

Startups with Java

This space will present success stories, academic papers, market tendencies and startups implementing Java as its main platform.

Important dates

CFP opens: 2023/05/11

CFP ends: 2023/06/11

Proposals approval announcement and final schedule: 2023/06/18

Thank you again for contributing with the Java World!