CFP closed at  February 04, 2019 00:02 UTC

JOTB is an international rendezvous for developers and devOps around Big Data technologies that takes place in the South of Spain.

A fun conference to learn and share the latest experiences related to topics like distributed systems, IoT projects, Big Data Architectures, Data Visualisation and, the most important part, it’s On The Beach!

CFP Description

As most of our attendees are technical we would like to receive talks related to the following topics:

  • Distributed Systems

  • Use cases related to Big Data-Architectures-development process

  • Machine learning / algorithms

  • JVM & .Net developments

  • Analytics & Data Visualisation

  • Databases

  • Functional Programming

  • IoT and embedded

  • Dataviz

  • Non of the previous but useful for our target audience (please motivate it)