Mile High Agile 2018

Denver, CO May 21, 2018, May 22, 2018
Tags: Basecamp, Orienteering, Coaching, Handson, Expedition, Climbing

CFP closed at  January 28, 2018 23:01 UTC

Mile High Agile 2018
May 21 & 22, Denver CO

Mile High Agile is the largest “all things agile” conference in the Rocky Mountain region. In 2017 we expanded our world-class lineup of breakout sessions to include a full day of open space discussions, an experience that delighted attendees. This year we’re delighted to announce the return of open space along with the addition of four hands-on workshops. (Please indicate in your submission whether you’re proposing a workshop or a breakout session.)

This year’s theme, Moving Mountains, offers our speakers the opportunity to illuminate their own paths and explore new ones with our 800+ attendees. If you have routes towards great teams, innovative products, and happy stakeholders, we want to hear about them!


  1. BaseCamp:   Guidance for new agilists preparing for their Agile journey.
  2. Climbing Gear:   Tools for your technical climb.
  3. Orienteering:   How to find your way down the Agile path.
  4. Scaling the Mountain:    Seeing the big picture of business agility and charting a path to this long-term destination.
  5. Guiding the Trail Guides:    Coaching team organizational leadership.
  6. Getting Your Hands Dirty on the Mountain:
             Hands-on practice for new tactics that will equip you for moving your own personal mountains.


Proposals must meet these criteria:

  • Submitted to our event page
  • Contain your own original material
  • Linked to at least one track using our provided event tags
  • Include presenter contact information, including name, email, phone number, and a short biography
  • Include a video sample of you speaking. Ideally this video will be of you presenting this topic or another session, but we will also consider first time presenters.

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: January 28, 2018 4:01pm MST
  • Notifications to Presenters week of : February 26, 2018
  • Acceptance Deadline: March 1, 2018 - Accepted presenters must confirm by this date.
  • Out of State wait-list last day to be notified to speak is April 15 because of travel considerations
  • Local Speakers on the wait-list last day to be notified to speak is May 14th.

What else can you do to get ready?

  • Put Mile High Agile 2018 on your calendar. (Those dates again are May 21-22)
  • Follow us @agiledenver
  • Watch your inbox for the latest news and program schedule updates

CFP Description

Let's Move Mountains

Choosing the appropriate track is one of the most important decisions a submitter makes, as it directs your submission to the people most likely to understand and value your ideas. Mile High Agile 2018 has six separate tracks to which you can submit, each with their own specific focus. To help you in choosing, each track is listed below with a brief description of its purpose and a few questions the track is seeking to answer.

  1. BaseCamp [use tag BaseCamp]

    Need to get grounded before you start your agile adventure?
    Set up camp here and be guided by some experts. Basecamp is a place to start.
    Intended audience: new to agile

    Possible topics: introduction to agile, agile best practices, exploring agile roles, comparing kanban and scrum, scrum in a nutshell, getting started with kanban, learning about retrospective foundations, explaining XP, exploring the agile culture, living in a distributed team, iterative and incremental improvement, lean thinking, systems thinking, prioritization and sequencing at the team level

  2. Climbing Gear [use tag Climbing]

    What tools and gear will help you make a safe ascent?
    Ways of working for those who design, build, test, and deploy software.
    Intended audience: those who design, build, test, and deploy software

    Possible topics: implementing DevOps, living in the world of XP (Katas, Dojos, Randories), TDD, BDD, writing effective acceptance criteria, the world of distributed development, the art of when to refactor and when to create tech debt, emergent architecture, testing/QA, continuous integration, Lean UX, coding standards, infrastructure, pair programming, mob programming

  3. Orienteering [use tag Orienteering ]

    What landmarks or techniques will help you navigate to your goal?
    Orienteering is an iterative approach to reaching a destination.
    Intended audience: agile team members, SM

    Possible topics: living for feedback, experimentation and business agility, learning quickly, forecasting, adaptive planning practices, lean product development, implementing agile beyond software (marketing, finance, sales, schools), embracing agile as an organizational leader, personal agility (e.g. personal kanban), no estimates

  4. Scaling the Mountain [use tag Expedition]

    How do you plan and coordinate your agile ascent?
    The group journey takes planning, coordination, and leadership at all levels. This track explores the challenges of agility at scale.
    Intended audience: those implementing agile at scale, RTE’s, managers

    Possible topics: scaling agile, portfolio / program management, ideation for product management, portfolio kanban, organizational, prioritization and sequencing at the enterprise scale

  5. Guiding the Trail Guides [use tag Coaching]

    What experiences can you share with others to help them on their journey?
    Tools and techniques for coaching team and organizational leadership.
    Intended audience: those coaching and/or guiding teams through thickets

    Possible topics: cultivating a growth mindset, soft coaching skills, how to talk about your value with executives, building psychological safety, best practices of change agents, cultural transformation, leading a learning organization, conflict dynamics, effective retrospectives in existing environments, collecting and learning from metrics, how to address the Scrumerfall world, we can’t be agile because…, facilitating cross team efforts, integrating remote and distributed teams and team members, agile product management, product leadership and innovation, product owner/manager, product testing, product leadership and innovation

  6. Getting Your Hands Dirty on the Mountain... [use tag HandsOn]

    What skills and techniques can be honed for greater chances of success ?
    Practice essential skills for agile mastery in hands-on workshops.
    Intended audience: people who learn through hands on experiences

    Possible topics: games for teaching common concepts, story mapping, affinity sizing, facilitation techniques, theory of constraints game, experience methodologies, story prioritization, story sizing, limiting WIP

What is the right format for my session?

There are three types of proposals we are looking for: talks, and workshops (we have very limited space so we only accept very few workshops).

  • Talk - 50-minute presentation on one of the following topics - this is the core
  • Hands on Game - 50-minute interactive sessions, play & fun required! (space is limited)
  • Workshop - 90-minute interactive sessions, play & fun required! (only 2 90 minute sessions )
  • Workshop - 110-minute interactive sessions, play & fun required! (only 2 110 minute sessions)