PowerShell Conference EU 2018

Hanover, Germany

Tags: Powershell, Core, Security, Database, Azure, Tools, Pester, Performance, Userinterfaces, Dsc, Secrets

CFP closed at  November 30, 2017 18:00 UTC

PowerShell Conference EU 2018 will be returning to the Hanover Congress Center in Hanover/Germany on 17-20 April 2018. PowerShell experts, PowerShell team members, and PowerShell passionates from all around the world will once again come together, get in touch, learn from another, share ideas and trends, and enjoy many multi-track fast-paced presentations full of first hand information.

“Talks are great, but coffee breaks are what make a difference” - in 2017, psconf.eu was all about networking, getting to know each other, and establishing business and friendship relationships.

In 2018, we skip the preconference day and extend the conference to 4 days for everyone. This gives the room for a new presentation format: hands-on expert-led training sessions in small groups.

Expert-Led Training Sessions

In addition to listening to exciting PowerShell techniques and use cases delivered through classic frontal presentations, we’ll establish a second format: practical training sessions invite anyone to actually do the first steps hands-on on attendees’ own notebooks, and ask all the questions until everything works for them.

While these expert-led training sessions cover only topics that fit into a 60min slot, we also plan an entire “PowerShell Guerilla Evening” starting at 4pm, with open-end and pizza, where attendees and speakers can play with all of the topics and goodies presented. This way, psconf.eu 2018 is not just a feature-packed PowerShell conference, it also will be an advanced training class for skilled PowerShellers.

We’ll make sure that in the conf agenda, training sessions follow the respective topic presentations, and take place in smaller rooms with a maximum of 50 attendees.

Evening Event

The conference team have organized an awesome evening event in the Hannover Zoo again with free drinks and food. You’ll also enjoy healthy and tasty catering throughout all sessions. All you really need to do is organize your travel and your hotel.

Learn more

To better understand the fantastic experience of this event, check out the 2017 After Movie: http://www.powershell.love

CFP Description

We’d like you to be part of the psconf.eu 2018 speakers team, and share your knowledge, experience, and wisdom! This is what we are looking for:

Classic Presentations (45 min + 15 min Q&A):

Focus on fresh content that would make a difference to you if you were listening to it. Always consider that psconf.eu audiences are experienced PowerShell users. So you may focus on:

  • Truly new facts: talk about new features in PowerShell or related technology
  • Clever use cases: show how not-so-new technology can be used cleverly in new ways.
  • Anything that saved you tons of time and effort and that is not widely known yet

You may want to submit a complimentary training session for your topic (see below)

Expert-Led Training Sessions (60 min)

In 2018, we want to complement classic frontal presentation with labs where audiences can bring their PowerShell 5/Core notebook and follow along your demo. Choose this session type only for sessions where you are confident that 60 min time is sufficient. We will have one designated evening event for more extensive hands-on sessions that will be organized separately among accepted speakers and staff.

For Expert-Led training sessions that you submit…

  • Make a concise promise: “PowerShell and Containers - a Guerilla Session”, “RegEx Essentials - low hanging fruit”, etc.
  • Deliver the tools required. For example, create a lab vhxd and provided your session gets accepted, make it available for download beforehand so audience can set up their machines
  • Make sure you structure your session in a way that allows audience to follow through your steps, and not waste time. So this type of session requires that you prepare a couple of “problems” and the solutions to solve them

Additional infos:

  • There will be a few double-slots (2x 45min) for longer topics. We do encourage to submit 45min sessions. We want sessions to be concise, demo-driven, and with as few static slides as possible.
  • You will have Internet access during your presentation. If your session depends heavily on Internet access, always make sure you have an emergency plan B in case Internet breaks down for unforeseeable reasons.

Additional requirements:

Sessions are to be held either in English or in German.

We expect each speaker to deliver at least two sessions. So please turn in at least two session proposals, better more. Each accepted speaker receives conf speaker status with access to speaker lounge and free conference admission. If requested, the conference also covers a hotel accommodation (see below travel assistance details).

How we select speakers

We have again established a community advisory board consisting of 6 renown community experts that will review and discuss your submissions.

It is their job to select speakers. They will get in touch with you and let you know whether or not your submission(s) have been accepted. Please note that the community advisory board will accept or reject individual submissions at any time between now and Nov 30, 2017. So until you receive feedback from us, your submission is in the game.

What we expect from you as a Speaker

As a psconf.eu 2018 speaker, you are the heart and soul of this conference. You’ll be part of an exclusive team with private slack channel, access to speakers lounge and other speakers privileges, and receive free conference admission and hotel accommodation in the congress hotel. We’ll help giving credit to all of what you do.

We are looking for speakers who enjoy attending this conference, and who love to dive into the event and be part of it. The typical speaker attends the entire conference and loves to be part of evening activities such as Speakers Dinner, or the newly planned “PowerShell Guerilla Evening”. If you can only attend psconf.eu for a day or two, please let us know so we can plan the slots.

What your session submission should include

Please submit at least four sessions to maximize your chances of getting selected. There are always duplicate topics. - For regular sessions, submit a catchy title and an abstract of 3-8 lines of text - For training sessions, submit a catchy title and a description what the attendees can learn in your training, and what you expect them to bring (notebook, prerequisites, etc)

Each speaker…

  • brings her or his own presentation equipment including a notebook with standard HDMI output
  • uses the presentation templates we provide
  • provides presentation and/or materials to the audience via github
  • is ok with us videotaping her or his presentation so we can publish these videos freely (see powershell.video for last years’ recordings)