PyCon APAC 2018

Singapore May 31, 2018, June 01, 2018, June 02, 2018

CFP closed at  April 30, 2018 23:04 UTC

PyCon APAC Needs You!

We are inviting for proposals for talks, lightning talks and workshops for PyCon APAC 2018.

Conference Dates:

The conference will be held in Singapore from Thursday, May 31 to Saturday, June 02, 2018.

Conference Venue

Like in 2016, our venue will be at the National University of Singapore, School of Computing.

Note: Global CFP Day is Happening in Singapore

If you always wanted to speak at a conference but you were yet unsure how to achieve this goal, there is just the right event for you happening this coming Saturday:

Martin, one of the PyCon APAC 2018 organizers will be present at the event and answer all your questions about speaking at conferences, specifically PyCons in Singapore :)

CFP Description

Who Should Submit a Proposal?

You. Your friends. Your friends’ friends. Anyone with any level of Python knowledge is a candidate for a great topic at this conference. As we get attendees of all kinds from around Southeast Asia, we need speakers of all kinds from all around the globe. In all ways and manners, we try to assemble the most diverse conference we can, and we do that with your help.

Whether you got started with Python last month or you’ve been around for 20 years, we think you’ve got something to share. The Python community is stronger than ever and we’re still reaching new areas, new industries, and new users. Be a part of growing Python by helping us change the future.

Which Topics Are Suitable?

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data / Pandas / Jupyther
  • Fintech / Quantitative Finance
  • Web Development
  • System Administration
  • Python Libraries and Extensions
  • Python in Education, Science and Maths
  • Business and Scientific Applications
  • Embedding and Extending Python
  • Game Programming
  • GUI Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Packaging Issues
  • Programming Tools
  • Project Best Practices
  • Python Implementations: IronPython, Jython, PyPy and Stackless

If you work with/in any of the above areas, we would love to hear from you.

What Talk Types Are Needed?

Conference Talks

This is the most important talk type! We are aiming at a two track conference, but the venue could support even a three track conference! Your talk should be 30 minutes and leave some room for questions at the end.

Lightning Talks

Every year, we do lightning talks spontaneously, but this year, you may already submit your lightning talk through this platform. This would be a great opportunity for first-time speakers to step up and give a short talk about a useful Python library they recently discovered or about interesting Python events that will happen in the near future. Lightning talks are 5 minutes long. Really. We will have a countdown at the stage :)


For the first time at a Python conference in Singapore, we will try to turn day one into a kind of “Unconference Day”. After the opening keynote, 15-20 workshop speakers can be found at large tables, spread all across the venue. Attendees are encouraged to get to know each other, do some networking, visit our sponsor booths, but most importantly, visit the various workshop tables throughout the day, at their own pace. Workshops must be designed in such a way that an attendee can join the table (ideally at any time), take a brochure with instructions (or visit a website), and tinker around with the library/topic at hand on their own. The workshop speaker will be available in case any problems arise or the attendee has questions. Suitable workshop topics could be “Getting Started With Python”, “Build a Django Website In 15 Minutes” or “Machine Learning For Dummies”.

We will soon release a sample workshop including the instruction material so that all workshop speakers have an idea of how we envision this. If you have deep knowledge about a certain Python library or topic and you would love to on-board new people to your library, we would love to hear from you!