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PyCon Colombia is an annual conference aimed at promoting and educating people about the Python programming language.

This converence is aimed at professionals, scientists, academics, students and hobbyists.

PyCon Colombia is a conference organized by the Python Colombia community created for the dissemination of the Python programming language in our country and Latin America, with the objective of sharing knowledge and expanding the spaces for interaction and collaboration of its members. We value the participation of each member of the community and we want each participant in the conference to enjoy and gain valuable experience full of knowledge and innovation.

According to this code, all participants including organizers, speakers, volunteers and attendees are expected to show respect and courtesy among themselves in all aspects of the conference, its organization and the events taking place in the context of the conference. To be more explicit than is expected of any person participating in the event and the global and local community of Python and Pycon Colombia are required to comply with the following Code of Conduct. The organizers of this event and any event in the future are subject to enforce following and complying with international and Colombian laws and the spirit of the International Python Society (Python Software Foundation)

CFP Description

Do you want to submit a Workshop? please go to this link

A) Talk Details

The time per talk will be 40 minutes. This time includes time for questions and answers!

Please fill in the Talk Details section below following these tips.

  • Title:

  • Elevator Pitch (abstract): You have 300 characters to sell your talk. This is known as the “elevator pitch”. Make it as exciting and enticing as possible.

  • Talk Format: This CFP corresponds to Talks only! if you want to submit a Workshop please go to this link

  • Audience Level: Who is the best target audience for this talk?
    • All (No programming experience required)
    • Beginners (No Python programming experience required)
    • Intermediate (Python programming experience is required)
    • Advanced (Requires advanced programming experience)
  • Description: provide more detail and background for your talk, including what you plan on covering and whether you have presented this material elsewhere before. It is also important to include a tentative table of contents for your talk with some time estimation. This will help you organize your talk and allotted time. For example: Introduction ~1 min, Background ~5 min, Examples ~10 min, etc…

  • Notes: This is where you should explain things such as technical requirements, why you’re the best person to speak on this subject.

  • Tags: Tag your talk to make it easier for event organizers to be able to find. We try to include as many tags for topics as possible, but you are welcome to include additional tags if the available ones do not fit your topic.

Take these points into account to increase the chances of your talk being selected!

  • Quality: How well is your proposal structured and presented

  • Relevance: Is this a topic of relevance in 2019 and beyond?

  • Credibility: Does the elevator pitch make sense? Is it based on accepted tools and procedures?

  • Importance: Does it contribute to practice, research, theory, or knowledge? Is it about a common problem or situation that others are likely to have encountered?

  • Originality: Is this a cutting-edge development? An innovative approach? A new application? An unusual use case?

  • Practicality: Is the project described a reasonable approach? Is it replicable by others?

  • Reputation: Is the speaker widely known to the community? Do they have a reputation for quality presentations?

B) Profile Details

Please fill in the Profile Details section below following these tips.

  • Full Name: Please separate last name from first name with a comma. For example: “John, Doe”

  • Url: A url of your personal website or linkedin profile

  • Organization or Affiliation: If you are a student please include the institution. If you are working for a company please include the name and main headquarters location.

  • Twitter handle: Please provide the handle if you use this service

  • T-Shirt size: Select the size that fits you best!

  • Biography: Your bio sells you. Who are you? Why should people listen to you? Who’s your favorite member of One Direction? This is your chance to put it all out there.

C) Additional Information

Please fill in the Additional Information section below following the tips described there.

Not sure if you should speak at PyCon Colombia?

We think you should, and we are excited to see you there in February 2019!

What do speakers get?

  • Full conference pass
  • Speakers dinner and excellent time in the city
  • The opportunity to impact the lives of over 400 hundred developers
  • Possibility to apply for flights and accommodation aid based on available budget


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email