Salt Lake City DevOps Days 2020 - Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City Utah June 02, 2020, June 03, 2020
Tags: Basic, Devops, Scrumaster, Sre, Monitoring, Product management, Automation, Digital decoupling

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Salt Lake City DevOps Days June 2020

Northern Utah is proud to host the fifth annual Salt Lake City DevOps Days. This event has led the conversation in the state as far as DevOps organizational practices and tooling. In 2020 the theme will be Back to BASIC . We will have a focus on the things that got to where we are today.

With all of the shiny tools, titles and buzz words, it is easy to forget that automation and the principles around a DevOps Agile transformation is pretty basic and hasn’t changed over-um-the last 40 years. For year five of DevOps Days surveyed the landscape and found that, even though there are plenty of shiny keys out there, we would like to revisit the Basic. So what are the basics of a CI/CD pipeline, monitoring, database, testing, TDD, user story writing, prioritization? What are the basics of getting things from concept to customer in todays world?


CFP Description

Back to BASIC

This year we want to cover the basics - Basic programing - Basic testing - Basic automation - Basic monitoring

We are looking to have the basics offered to the Utah community. Come ready to present the actionable, basic capabilities one would need to create the basic's (nothing fancy).