Bojan Miletic



💡After being a Lead Python Developer for a company in Silicon Valley, I decided to leave that job and make my own company in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Sounds like a weird decision to make, like some sort of a “downgrade”. Trust me, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

📊 One thing you learn in the West is to take calculated risks when you see an opportunity.

Novi Sad in Serbia is slowly, but surely becoming a new Silicon Valley with 10 billions of IT investment pouring in.

My goal was to transfer western business knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial spirit to a new environment.

💻 I believe in good technology and all the benefits it brings to modern people. 👂 Communication is my primary skill. Always there to listen. Can’t help and solve if you don’t listen. 📚 I believe life-long education. Reading fan. (And talking about Unicorns. 🦄)

People are our focus. Be it employees or users.

My Talks

Building Fast and Slow: From Prototypes to Production

Dependency Injection: Stealing Cool stuff from the Weird Kids

How to get your senior devs to talk for hours: Object Oriented Programming vs Functional Programming