TechLead Conference

Online June 15, 2024, June 19, 2024
Tags: Tech leadership, Tech conference, Seniority in tech

CFP closed at  March 31, 2024 23:59 UTC

How to get a promotion & achieve your professional goals? How to become more senior in tech & gain more influence in the company? At TechLead Conference 20+ engineers, managers and HRs from leading companies will be sharing tips & tricks for boosting your tech career!

• Get the inside scoop on the technical chops and leadership abilities you’ll need to step up as a Tech Lead. • What hiring managers are looking for and how to make a killer impression? Learn the secrets to acing interviews. • Want to communicate like a pro and stay motivated on the job? Get the frameworks and tips. • Keep your finger on the pulse of the tech industry with the best practices in development, from process optimization to software decision-making & more. • Explore alternative ways to advance your career beyond becoming a Tech Lead.

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CFP Description

Call for Presentations - TechLead Conference, June 15 & 19, 2024

Would you like to join 20 engineers, managers and HR from leading companies to talk on topics as careers and soft skills? We’ll discuss how to become more senior and get more influence in the company, get a promotion and achieve what you want in your career. The main audience of the conference: middle and senior developers.

We expect to have the following topics in this year’s program: Career growth (skills, productivity, salary increase process)

interviews, interviewing people Processes (engineering, projects, product) Soft skills Entering Full-stack role Architecture case studies Advice from HR from top companies Mentorship Career navigation in 5-10 years period Team/tech leadership (growing within individual contribution track) Senior specific technology, but framework agnostic - topics about infrastructure / CICD / testing best practices, etc. Full talk length: 20 min. Lightning talk length: 5-7 minutes. The talks will be pre-recorded and followed by Q&A. Feel free to submit multiple talk proposals if you have a few ideas to share! Feel free to submit multiple talk proposals if you have a few ideas to share! ⚠️ TIMELINE March 31, 2024 → Submission Deadline April 15, 2024 → Notification of Approval (we'll approve or decline every submission via email) Small delays are possible, for any questions feel free to email us at Please mind that all submissions are subject to the selection process. Every submission is carefully considered but just submitting a talk doesn't mean it will be automatically accepted. Our team retains complete control over the content and direction of the event. If you buy a conference ticket and later get selected as a speaker, your ticket will be refunded

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