Web3Conf India 2023

Goa,India August 11, 2023

Tags: General, Defi, Community, Metaverse, Open-source, Gaming, Blockchain, Ai, Cryptocurrencies, Nft, Devrel

CFP closed at  May 15, 2023 17:26 UTC

India’s first ever and biggest chain-agnostic web 3.0 conference which took place in Goa is back. The conference aims at bringing all the blockchains and their ecosystem projects under one roof to share what they have been building, discuss the problems they are facing, and help each other to move towards a 100% decentralized future.

CFP Description

We are inviting web3 investors, founders, and builders in both the development and community side as well as artists and most importantly web3 game developers to speak at Web3Conf India. You can submit your proposal for a talk, workshop, or panel.

The event has 5 Tracks for submission and 4 formats as mentioned below:

  • Metaverse & Gaming: We expect all artists, studios, game, and metaverse developers, and NFT hoarders to speak in this track.
  • Defi: It is the core of Web 3.0 and therefore we want as many aspects of Defi and projects to speak in the Defi track.
  • Developer: All tech and open-source developers, founders, and CTOs who are building something new and unique that the world should know about can apply here.
  • Community: All DevRel, Dev Advocates, Community, Marketing & Event Managers in Web3 should apply to the community track.
  • General Track: Anything else that is not being covered in any of the above tracks but you feel is important should be listed in the general track.

Format: 10 min lightning talk, 30 min regular talk, 30 min panel, and 60-90 min workshop

Please note that our sponsors will get priority on slots over general applications.