CFP closed at  October 15, 2018 22:10 UTC

Craft has a holistic view of software delivery craftsmanship, we are looking for talk ideas from all parts of the product engineering value creation pipeline. You can read about our ars poetica here:

This year we have special interest in the following topics: Server-less architectures, immutable infrastructure, Practical machine learning & deep learning & AI, TensorFlow, Blockchain platforms/Ethereum, Security in an Agile world, Reactive programming, Role of designers in the process, Interesting languages (ELM, Idris, Elixir, Rust etc.), Large-scale orchestration, Performance & Scaling, Monitoring & Metrics, Instrumentation & Observability, Practices of creating quality software, Organisational design, culture & delivery at scale, Architectural patterns, Computer papers, System programming (Raft etc.), Resilient architectures, Clean code, Testing, Stream processing, IoT, New technologies, Advances in CS, Distributed systems, Next Generation Web Standards, Frameworks, and Techniques, Advanced DevOps practices, Advanced microservice practices, Advanced containerisation practices, Future technologies, Engineering soft skills, Advanced cloud architectures, Modern networking, Mobile development best practices, Cool technologies & tools, Engineering management, High performance teams, How hardware changes affect software development, Surviving legacy systems, Technical debt.

We are looking for Intermediate and Advanced topics (at some of the topics we highlighted that we expect mainly Advanced topics).


  • Workshop day: May 7-8, 2019
  • Conference days: May 9-10, 2019

Check out the lineup and program from the past

CFP Description


  • The Call for Presentations ends on 15th of October.
  • The applicants will be notified until the 15th of November.

Speaker benefits

  • Ticket for the session days.
  • Craft provides accommodation for up to 4 nights of hotel (up to 6 for the workshop speakers)
  • Organisers cover your return travel costs between your departure location and Budapest (Economy class).
  • Organisers also provide additional speaker perks like speaker dinner, inviting you for the weekend to be able to explore Budapest.
  • Speaker sponsorship is also available. If your company decides to sponsor your trip to the conference, we will place the company logo on our website and conference materials as a sponsor.

Presentation types

  • Session: 45 minutes long which includes Q&A (May 9-10).
  • Hands-on tutorial: 2x45 minutes long session to provide practical coding experience for maximum 100 attendees (May 9-10).
  • Worskshop: up to 6 hours long (May 7-8).