CFP closed at  October 15, 2023 21:59 UTC

Craft Conference is an international festival-like event about software delivery craft. It combines talks, hands-on sessions, workshops, and a hackathon where attendees can learn about the latest tools, methods, and practices of software product delivery craft. This event serves as a compass for new technologies and trends provided by top-notch experts worldwide.

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CFP Description

The main areas we plan to cover are:

  • Language agnostic methods: writing great code, TDD, BDD, DDD, CI/CD, testing, security/DevSecOps, performance, architecture, functional programming, mindset, etc.
  • People, team, and organizational topics: DevEx, platform engineering, high-performing teams, real agility, people/leadership skills, high-performing organizations, career development, technical leadership, team topologies case studies, being a product engineer, etc.
  • New trends, emerging technologies: AI/ML, MLOps, AI/ChatGPT-based applications, vector databases, leveraging AI as a developer, WASM, edge computing, eBPF, serverless patterns, functional programming, emerging languages (Rust, Kotlin, go, etc.), new Java/.NET features, crypto, pipeline as a code, tRPC, monorepo, headless CMS, no/low code, etc.
  • Use cases/learnings about already matured, adopted technologies: operating microservices/kubernetes, service mesh, React, micro frontends, API patterns, GraphQL, BFF, DevOps, chaos engineering, reactive systems, observability, system scaling, cloud-native applications, distributed systems, scaling mobile development, Zero Trust, server-side rendering, etc.

Please pick whichever fits your proposal best. We are looking for Intermediate and Advanced topics.

The Call for Presentations ends on October 15, 2023.

About the session talks:

  • The talk sessions will be held on May 30-31.
  • Sessions will be 45 minutes long (including 5-10 minutes Q&A), so please prepare your topic in this timeframe.

About the workshops:

  • The workshop session will be held on May 28-29.
  • Sessions will be one or two days long (~8 hours/day, typically four 90-minute productive blocks).

We plan to organize our next Craft Conference offline and are looking for in-person Speakers.

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