Cloud Native, Docker & K8s Summit

Dallas, TX (USA) September 11, 2018
Tags: Docker, Serverless, K8s, Kuberbetes, Cloud native, Devops, Microservices, Big data

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Cloud-Native, Docker & K8s Summit is a 3-day conference for all things related to cloud computing and virtualization technologies. Yep, that means Docker, K8s, serverless, microservices, etc, etc. It is scheduled to run from Tuesday, September 11 to Thursday, September 13, 2018, and will include training classes on Docker, K8s, Mesosphere.

Day 1 and Day 2 (until 12 p.m.) will be devoted to those training classes, while the general conference session will start just before 3 p.m. of Day 2, ending at about 4 p.m. of Day 3.

This is the only cloud computing-related conference that will be held in Texas this year that will not cost you an arm and a leg to attend, so click here to register for the general conference sessions and/or one training class.


The conference will take place at the:

Richardson Civic Center
411 West Arapaho Road
Richardson, TX 75080

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CFP Description

The title of the conference is Cloud Native, Docker & K8s Summit, which encompasses practically everything in modern cloud computing, including virtualization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes (K8s), microservices, serverless, devops, big data, etc. So if you have a presentation even tangentially related to any of those aspects of cloud computing, feel free to submit it for consideration.

Conference audience will include mostly IT professionals working with cloud-native computing technologies. So that includes, developers, devops, secops, SREs, traditional system admins, project managers, software architects, etc.

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