EuRuKo 2024

Sarajevo, BiH September 11, 2024, September 12, 2024, September 13, 2024
Tags: Ruby, Rails, Workshop, Software engineering, Keynote, Technical talk

CFP closed at  April 15, 2024 22:00 UTC

EuRuKo (European Ruby Konferenz), a Ruby conference that travels across Europe, brings together passionate Ruby and Non-Ruby developers and enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Every year, the EuRuKo community decides on a new host city, providing the conference with a diverse range of attendees. This unique format ensures that EuRuKo remains a dynamic and engaging experience for all participants. The event’s popularity comes from its focus on showcasing the latest news about Ruby and its friends, encouraging knowledge exchange and networking.

With EuRuKo, the largest and longest running Ruby conference in Europe, we look forward to seeing you in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina on 11-13 September, 2024.

CFP Description

Dear friend of Ruby,

We are pleased you are considering submitting a proposal for EuRuKo 2024. EuRuKo 2024 will be three days, depending on our budget we might make it with multiple tracks, but it will primarily be a single-track conference.

First-time speakers are highly encouraged to submit an idea. We are available to help and support you from creation to execution.

Speaker Benefits

  • Free admission to the conference (if you already have purchased a ticket and are accepted to speak, we’ll issue a refund!)
  • Accommodation will be provided by us
  • If you need help with travel, depending on our budget, we might be able to help in certain cases

Talk information

  • Format: talks will be 30-45 minutes in length, currently we don’t envision having a Q&A session afterwards
  • Language: since we expect an international audience at the conference, it is mandatory that all presentations are held in the English language
  • Streaming: please note that talks will be recorded and made available to the public

Workshop information

  • Format: workshops will be 90-120 minutes in length, but feel free to suggest an alternative format if you think it is necessary
  • Language: since we expect an international audience at the conference, it is mandatory that all workshops are held in the English language

We require all presentations to comply with our Code of Conduct, so read it carefully before submitting a proposal.

What are we looking for?

We love to hear about all kinds of Ruby content and topics related to the life of a developer.

Recent events have covered the future and past of Ruby, various libraries and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, all sorts of topics around Web Development, DevOps, Security, Testing and more. Many speakers have also covered diversity, with a particular focus on software development, as well as work-life balance and community building. Feel free to convince us that your talk is a great fit for EuRuKo if you have a topic that is outside the box.

However, do make sure to focus on Ruby. We are a Ruby conference, after all.

In addition, we do not accept any form of advertising or product placement for talks. If you have a personal journey to share and lessons learned, you can submit your talk idea and we will review.

You can find past events at the EuRuKo website and explore past presentations there at your own pace if you need to find inspiration for your talk. If you have multiple ideas, you can submit multiple talk proposals.

Selection process

This CFP will close on 15th of April, 2024. A dedicated team of volunteers will review and evaluate your presentation details in both, an anonymous and open session to ensure the best and most diverse panel for our beloved community conference. As there may be a large number of submissions, please be patient with our feedback. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are missing any information in this guide, we are happy to be of assistance and your input will support us to fill in any gaps. We look forward to reading and reviewing your suggestions.

Please contact the organizing team if you have any additional questions.