CFP closed at  December 04, 2018 17:12 UTC

This will be the second two-day conference focused on front-end concepts and technologies organized by FrontEnd Meetup Riga community and (the largest local IT community). FrontCon 2019 will take place in Riga, Latvia on April 3 - 5 and will gather more than 250 front-end professionals, enthusiasts and invites everybody who wants to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills in front-end and web application development. As the goal is to share experience and knowledge among the international community, we support ideas of open web, open source software and free access to knowledge.

What: FrontCon 2019

When: April 3, 09:00 - 17:00 full day workshops;

April 4-5, 2019; 09:00-17:00 Conference day’s

Where: Tallink Hotel Riga, Elizabetes iela 24, Riga

CFP Description

We are open to very broad set of technical topics both for beginners and advanced software engineers.

Topics submitted should be relevant to people in front-end development community. Here are a few topics we would love to cover:

  • Production’s insights and case studies;
  • JS frameworks (React, VueJS, React Native, Ionic 2, Angular);
  • State management patterns in major frameworks (e.g. Context API, Redux, MobX for React; RxJS and ngxs for Angular);
  • JavaScript language alternatives (TypeScript, Flow, ClojureScript, Elm, ReasonML);
  • Front-end performance (benchmarking, using HTTP2, different optimization techniques);
  • Developer toolbelt - Yarn, Docker, Webpack, Storybook, Rollup;
  • GraphQL usage in production;
  • Testing front end, from unit to integrational tests using js (including visual regression testing, testing responsive layouts, cross-platform testing etc);
  • Future of the web as a platform (e.g. PWAs, access to native APIs, Web VR etc);
  • WebAssembly: technical details, use cases, success stories;
  • Large-scale web applications: using multiple frameworks in a single app, modernizing legacy applications;
  • Cloud platforms, static webapp hosting (storages, cdns, PaaS e.g., Firebase);
  • Backend solutions: FaaS (e.g. AWS lamdas, Azure functions) and BaaS (push notifications, user management, social network integration, data storage, e.g: Firebase, Parse);
  • CSS in JS solutions, e.g. css modules, styled components, emotion.js, aphrodite.

Submit your talk proposal now and join our group of more than 20 internationally known front-end enthusiasts to share inspiration and have a great time in Riga (a well-known tourist destination)!