GraphQL Conf 2019

Berlin, Germany June 20, 2019, June 21, 2019
Tags: Best practices, Case study, Frontend, Backend, Experimental features, Graphql

CFP closed at  March 31, 2019 17:03 UTC

After a packed 2018 GraphQL Europe, we’re excited to announce our even more fun 2-day GraphQL Conf 2019!

  • Location: Kosmos, Berlin
  • Date: June 20-21, 2019

GraphQL Conf is the global GraphQL community conference. Hosted in the heart of Berlin, the conference is an opportunity for the GraphQL community to come together, share knowledge and experiences, discuss crazy ideas, and contribute to the exciting future of GraphQL.

Like in 2018, great speakers from all around the world will join the conference. Prepare yourself for fantastic talks from the companies that have been driving the development of GraphQL from the start.

Diversity is a core value of GraphQL Conf, and we highly encourage everyone to submit a talk. Newcomers are just as welcome as veterans! Public speaking can be frightening, we’ll do our best to help you get on the stage well-prepared and ready to deliver an amazing talk.

CFP Description

GraphQL has seen an incredible rate of adoption, usage, and evolution in the past year! With the popularity and developments around GraphQL increasing, GraphQL Conf seeks to brings together developers with a variety of backgrounds to share their experiences and lessons learned.

You can learn more about the wide variety of topics we’re excited about by checking out the videos from our conference this year or get a quick overview of last year’s talks with our summary blog post.

Here are a few categories that might serve as an inspiration for your GraphQL talk in 2019:

  • Case Study: Did you or your company decide to use GraphQL in production? Tell us how it went, what the original motivation was to adopt GraphQL, the challenges you came across and how it affected your engineering process and team structure as a whole.

  • Best Practices: With GraphQL still being a fairly new technology, it’s very common to hear developers ask how to do X (Authentication, Permissions, Realtime, Offline, Native, Testing,…) with GraphQL. If you have discovered patterns that work well for you and your team, submit a talk to share your approach with the community!

  • Frontend: Are you using Relay or Apollo Client in a bigger project? Or maybe you’re building a native mobile app with GraphQL? Did you discover new patterns or was there a specific client-side feature that really helped your team and boosted your development process? Let the community know by submitting a talk about it!

  • Backend: The server-side space is probably the one that’s most exciting about GraphQL, not only because it reaches so many programming communities. Being an API technology, most of the challenges to be solved with GraphQL lie on the server. Solutions, patterns and ideas can be shared across programming languages. Tell everyone about your approaches for how your team adopted a GraphQL gateway or how you decided to structure your application. What libraries and tools are you using to build, deploy and maintain your GraphQL server?

  • Experimental Features: The future of GraphQL is bright and many ideas are already discussed and experimented with in the wild before they make it into the official specification. Topics like live queries, schema stitching or code generation are on the cutting-edge of the GraphQL ecosystem. Be sure to submit a talk if you’ve already gained experience with any of the experimental features of GraphQL.

This list only intends to serve some inspiration for common topics, but of course it’s not complete. If you have an idea for a talk that does not fit any of these categories, this should be even more of a reason to submit your proposal!

Talk format & duration:

  • Regular talks: 30 min
  • Lightning talks: 8 min