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What is Interface?

Interface is an interactive conference for developers. Focused on hands-on exploration, Interface is an opportunity for developers to connect with organizations, technologies, and each other. Devs will leave Interface feeling inspired by amazing speakers, engaged by unique activations, and accomplished from a full-day hackathon.

The conference will begin with a session of inspiring talks on the importance of soft skills, team building, personal growth, and other similar topics. Sounds like a talk you’d like to give? Read on!

The Details


  • Developers of all levels are invited to attend.
  • Interface aims to be an inclusive conference, where Junior developers and developers from underrepresented groups feel encouraged to attend. As a result, we hope to have a higher percentage of these groups at Interface than is typical for developer conferences.


  • May 29, 2019


  • Vancouver, BC - Vancouver Public Library Central Branch

Commitment to Diversity

Interface encourages submissions from all speakers with a developer perspective or background, regardless of age, skill level, gender, sex, race, class, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or any other official basis. Interface aims to be an inclusive conference, and show the diversity of the developer community.

CFP Description

Why Speak at Interface?

Interface is a uniquely formatted conference, with emphasis on interaction and exploration. The morning keynote speakers will be integral in setting the mood for the day. With only a few speaking slots, attendees will hear quality talks that focus on a few key messages, thus walking away with a stronger sense of inspiration. This is an opportunity to speak alongside a handful of other experienced developers, and share your thoughts with an eager audience.

We’re looking for speakers to inspire the Interface audience on any of the following topic areas as they relate specifically to developers:

  • Soft skills
  • Personal development/growth
  • Teamwork/team building
  • Education/learning
  • Happiness/satisfaction

Some examples of talks could be “How to be The Ultimate Team Member” or “Maximizing Your Creativity as a Developer”.

Talk slots are around 25 minutes in length.

Our travel policy will be provided in full if your submission is considered, however high-level details are included in the Speaker Expenses Policy section.

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