JavaDay Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador August 13, 2019
Tags: Java, Javascript, Spring, Jakartaee, Docker, Kubernetes

CFP closed at  July 08, 2019 00:07 UTC

JavaDay Ecuador is an annual international conference with Java Champions, Local and International Speakers. The conference agenda include several technologies and trends, such as: Java, Enterprise Java JEE or Jakarta EE, JVM Languages, Javascript, Mobiles, Containers, Kubernetes and Cloud.

Javaday Ecuador es una confencia internacional anual que cuenta con el soporte de Java Champions, Grupos de Usuarios Java de la region y de la comunidad Java del Ecuador. La agenda de la conferencia incluye JAVA, Lenguajes de la JVM, Java Empresarial JEE o Jakarta EE, Microprofile, Javascript, Móviles, Contenedores, Kubernetes y Nube.

CFP Description

The trends of the conference include: Java, Enterprise Java JEE, JakartaEE, Microprofile JVM Languages, Javascript, Mobiles, Containers, Kubernetes and Cloud.

Selection Process:

In the 2 weeks after the call for proposals closes, subject-matter experts from Java User Group Leaders and Java Champions collaborators give a numerical vote (1-5) to each submitted abstract. Voters will be considering the originality of the abstract, the experience or expertise of the proposed speaker, and the relevance to event attendees and current technology trends. Once votes are in, in-person committees review the highest-rated sessions and discuss their viability for a place on the agenda. Everyone is friendly, and no one argues. There will be a brief period when speakers may be asked to make adjustments to their abstracts in order to be accepted; a committee member closest to the subject will contact them. Final accept and decline decisions will be made and emailed to all submitters