PowerShell Conference EU 2019 (psconf.eu)

Hanover, Germany June 04, 2019, June 05, 2019, June 06, 2019, June 07, 2019

Tags: Powershell, "windows powershell", "powershell core", Azure, Database, Security, Dsc, Devops, Pester, Performance, Userinterface, "artificial intelligence", Services, Iot

CFP closed at  December 09, 2018 23:12 UTC

PowerShell Conference EU 2019 will be returning to Hanover Congress Center in Hanover/Germany June 4-7, 2019. It is the perfect place for PowerShell experts, PowerShell team members, and PowerShell passionates from around the world to meet, share, learn, and having a good time together.

“Talks are great, but coffee breaks are what make a difference”

In 2018, psconf.eu was all about networking, getting to know each other, and establishing business and friendship relationships.

In 2019, we’ll have a 4 day/3 track schedule again. If you attended the 2018 event, here are some changes for next year:

Featured Speakers

We are very excited to announce our six “Featured Speakers” who are already on board and will present exciting sessions at psconf.eu 2019 (in alphabetical order):

  • Carlos Perez
  • Chrissy LeMaire
  • Daniel Bohannon
  • Lee Holmes
  • Staffan Gustafsson
  • Walter Legowski

Add keynote speaker and Microsoft Fellow Jeffrey Snover, and you have the chance to join a truly extraordinary speakers crew by submitting your paper proposals to us today! As a speaker, you get free access to all events, speaker privileges and lounge access, speakers dinner. Plus if requested, the conference covers a hotel accommodation.

HowTo and Fundamentals Presentations

We are keeping the proven 45 minute slot design. To help delegates better judge whether a presentation is for them, and to help get immediate value out of presentations, we ask for two presentation types:

  • “HowTo” presentations make an initial value proposition like “If you join this talk, at the end you will be able to …”.

  • “Fundamentals” presentation, in contrast, focus on understanding: “When you join us here, you will be able to better understand…”.

(click the button “Speak at PowerShell Conference EU 2019” at the very bottom of this page to submit paper proposals to us)

Evening Event

Overwhelming feedback indicates we should leave the day 1 evening Zoo event as it is. So we’ll organize an awesome evening event in the Hannover Zoo again with free drinks and food. You’ll also enjoy healthy and tasty catering throughout all sessions. All you really need to do is organize your travel and your hotel.

Country Clubs

To make it even easier to get connected right away, we’ll ask delegates when they register if it’s ok to share their email addresses to peers from the same country. This way, you can easily connect right away, join rides, share information, and never walk alone. Once the conf kicks off, we are merging into one melting pot of PowerShell passionates anyway.

Learn more

To better understand the fantastic experience of this event, check out the 2017 After Movie: http://www.powershell.love

CFP Description

We’d like you to be part of the psconf.eu 2019 speakers team, and share your knowledge, experience, and wisdom! This is what we are looking for:


One of the most overlooked aspect with all top-notch PowerShell events these days is that audiences have matured along with you. So expect audience to not know everything, but be as curious as you are, and in some areas even more knowledgeable than you. So all presentations are held in a friendly cooperative atmosphere and on equal level with the audience.

“HowTo” Presentations (45 min + 15 min Q&A):

Make a distinct value proposition at the beginning of your presentation (and abstract), i.e. “After you watched this, you will be able to [control your Philips Hue Lights with PowerShell]”. You could show people how to create cross-platform PowerShell modules, migrate a service into Azure, or whatnot. Bottom line is: make a promise, use a few slides and a lot of demos, submit your examples and slide deck to GitHub, and keep your promise to the audience at the end of your presentation.

“Fundamentals” Presentations (45 min + 15 min Q&A):

Make a distinct value proposition such as “After listening, you’ll understand [what the differences are between Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core]”. So in essence, at the beginning of your presentation (and abstract), clearly define what you’ll be talking about, and why people should care. Be prepared to submit all related examples, your slides, and materials to GitHub, so at the end of your presentation, audience will be able to follow your guidance and have learned a new skill.

Surprise / Special / YouNameIt (let’s see + Q&A)

If what you’d like to present does not fall in either of the above categories, please submit an outline of what you’d like to do, and what you need for this. So if you have a cool idea for a special workshop, or interactive event, etc., there may be room for it.

Dare to submit it!


  • The default presentation is “Single Presenter”. We do not encourage team presentation due to the relatively short sessions (45min). If for any reason you want to present with multiple presenters, please let us know why.
  • You will have Internet access during your presentation. If your session depends heavily on Internet access, always make sure you have an emergency plan B in case Internet breaks down for unforeseeable reasons. In the past, it was a great safety net to have video recordings ready for your demos. In fact, some felt that video recordings work much better for audiences than real live demos. We believe you, so if you opt for recorded demos, we trust that you did not fake these.

Additional requirements:

Sessions are to be held either in English or in German. The primary conference language is English, and the majority of sessions will be held in English.


We expect each speaker to deliver at least two (2) sessions. So please turn in at least two (2) session proposals. Since there may be duplicate topics and other reasons why a session is rejected, it is advised to turn in more than 2 sessions. Each accepted speaker receives conf speaker status with access to speaker lounge and free conference admission. If requested, the conference also covers a hotel accommodation.

How we select speakers

We have again established a community advisory board that will review and discuss your submissions. There will be no selection before CFP closes. So do not expect to hear back from us before early December 2018.

What we expect from you as a Speaker

As a psconf.eu 2019 speaker, you are the heart and soul of this conference. You’ll be part of an exclusive team with private slack channel, access to speakers lounge and other speakers privileges, and receive free conference admission and hotel accommodation in the congress hotel. We’ll help giving credit to all of what you do.

We are looking for speakers who enjoy attending this conference, and who love to dive into the event and be part of it. If you can only attend psconf.eu for a day or two, please let us know so we can plan the slots.

What your session submission should include

Please submit at least four sessions to maximize your chances of getting selected. There are always duplicate topics. - Decide whether you want to submit a “Howto”, “Fundamentals”, or “Other” session - In your submission, include the promise you want to make with each session (see above, i.e. “In this session, you will learn how to…”) - Submit a catchy title and an abstract of 3-8 lines of text - If your proposal does not fit into the default 45min slot, or requires more than one presenter, include details.

Each speaker…

  • brings their own presentation equipment including a notebook with standard HDMI output
  • uses the presentation templates we provide
  • provides presentation and/or materials to the audience via GitHub
  • is ok with us videotaping their presentation so we can publish these videos freely (see powershell.video for last years’ recordings)