CFP closed at  September 19, 2020 16:54 UTC

Ever wished you could give a talk wearing an onesie and your slippers? Now is the time to get your jammies ready! After the first iteration in Brazil in 2019, organizers throughout the world are coming together for the very first online Pyjamas conference with global reach.

Main Conference

24 hours streaming of talks about Python and connecting with Python communities around the world that you can access at home.

Community Space

Full-day of workshops, non-English talks, Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions, sprints, panel discussion and any other activities organized by various Python communities.

CFP Description

Call for community track organisers

In Pyjamas Conf, we celebrate diversity. Besides the main track that would be filled with talks, we also encourage sessions that are run by the community. The formats of these sessions are flexible, it can be a block of talks in a language other than English, BoF (birds of a feather) sessions for informal discussions of Python-related topics, workshops for a local community etc. If you are interested in leading one of these sessions in the community track, please submit your proposal. We will provide support in organising and running those sessions.

Call for proposals (CFP)

Today we are also opening our CFP! Submissions to speak at Pyjamas Conf 2020 will be accepted from 3rd August until 5 September, anywhere on earth (UTC+12). All talk slots will be 25 mins: 20 mins plus 5 mins Q&A or 25 mins without Q&A. Since the conference runs for a full 24 hours, you can select the time block that you would like your talk to be in. We welcome submissions from everybody, including those:

  • who have never given a conference talk before,
  • who are new to Python,
  • who have built interesting things in Python,
  • who have helped build Python,
  • who wants to talk about the Python community, and
  • who have the expertise to share with our community from fields outside of Python (and outside of technology).

If you’ve never presented at a conference before and you think you might like to try it, we want to hear from you! Pyjamas Conf actively welcomes and encourages new speakers to the conference.