DevConf 2018

Kraków, Poland September 26, 2018, September 27, 2018, September 28, 2018
Tags: Javascript, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Functional programming, Software craftsmanship, Security, Iot, Devops, Architecture, Ux, Front-end, Back-end, Web development, Mobile, .net, Kotlin, War-stories, Inspiring talks

CFP closed at  March 31, 2018 23:00 UTC

DevConf is a technology agnostic software developers conference which aims to inspire developers community.

DevConf will happen Kraków, Poland on 27-28th of September. 3 full-day workshops are supposed to be held on 26th of September for those participants who want to get their hand dirty.

The conference tries to balance between deep technical sessions, soft inspiring talks and great networking opportunities. We believe that speakers and attendees mangling together may result in awesome ideas and opportunities for building great software in the future!

CFP Description

We’re looking for inspirational and informative talks on software development!

We’re focused on inviting speakers who’d like to present “war stories”, their successful or unsuccessful projects and lessons learned. We would also like to welcome excellent tutorials on niche technologies. Above all, we’d like to have inspirational stories to be told.

Our attendees will consist mostly of experienced developers, possibly architects and team leaders. There will be a smaller group of junior developers at the event as well. We anticipate that participants will have some technology background but we’re focused on providing technology agnostic conference experience. Throughout the years we had people with .NET background, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Java developers, Mobile developers, functional programmers at the event. They all come to the event for knowledge and inspiration. We’d like to provide them with both!

Our Program Committee will make a decision on accepted speakers right after CFP ends. All of the applicants can expect an answer within two weeks.

All talks are supposed to be in English.