GopherCon 2019

San Diego, California July 24, 2019, July 25, 2019, July 26, 2019, July 27, 2019
Tags: Go, Golang

CFP closed at  January 31, 2019 23:01 UTC

Speak at the Largest Go Conference in the World!

GopherCon is an annual conference which began in 2014 and is dedicated to the Go programming language. It is organized by Gopher Academy, a community-driven group of developers who wish to promote the use of Go, the formation of an inclusive and supportive Go community, and the education of Go developers.

Celebrating our 6th year, GopherCon 2019 will take place July 24th–27th, 2018 in San Diego, California. It is a four-day conference with two action-packed days of talks and tutorial sessions, concluding with Community Day, featuring a large communal area for collaboration, Lightning Talks, as well as breakout rooms for special interests, workshops and hands-on demonstrations.

Gopher Academy is proud of its tradition of featuring speakers who have not presented at a previous conference. Therefore, when choosing the final speaker line-up, preference will be given to those who have not previously spoken at GopherCon.

Our call for papers is open from the 1st of January til the 31st of January 2019. The full program will be available from March 2019.

CFP Description

Key dates

  • 1 January 2019. CFP opens.
  • 31 January 2019, CFP closes.
  • Late February 2019, authors notified.
  • 1st week in March 2019, schedule published.
  • July 24th til 27th, GopherCon 2019, San Diego, CA.

Talk types

  • Keynote style presentations; 25 minute time limit, no questions from the floor.
  • Tutorial style presentations; 45 minute time limit, three tracks, questions at the presenter’s discretion.

Advice for authors

Proposals will be reviewed based on the selection criteria below. Please demonstrate as best as you can that your proposal meets them, so our reviewers feel confident about recommending it. One paragraph is not sufficient. Several paragraphs are barely sufficient. Please keep in mind that there has never been a GopherCon proposal that hit all the criteria yet was rejected because it was too long.

The selection criteria:

  1. Relevance. The talk is relevant to the Go community. GopherCon is not a general software conference, our audience wants to hear about topics that relate to the Go programming language.
  2. Clarity. You’ve clearly explained what you are going to talk about.
  3. Correctness. You’ve demonstrated knowledge of your topic. You don’t have to be an expert, but you are expected to be speaking from experience.
  4. Achievability. You’ve thought about how to present your material in the time available.
  5. Impact. The goal of the talk. What new idea, technique, tool, or information will the audience leave your presentation with?

Further information

Here are several links to blog posts on writing a strong conference proposal