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Welcome to Kotlin Hyderabad Community

We are happy to hear from everyone on new topics to give a talk in our monthly meetup. We are Kotlin community so we are open to having a talk on Kotlin, JVM language, Android, native, multiplatform, etc. If you have a story to share with our community member or you like to elevate to the next level from your student, developer or love to share your knowledge that this is your stage!

The topic we like:

  • Kotlin
  • JVM Languages
  • Multiplatform
  • Kotlin Native
  • Kotlin Android/Mobility
  • Kotilin Desktop
  • API, Framework, etc.
  • Kotlin DSL
  • Functional Programming
  • Server-Side
  • Core / Language / ecosystem / Community (We are not limited to above but open for anything about Kotlin and JVM Language)

TO ATTENDEES: This CfP portal is only for collecting meetup talks and Attendees to vote it. This is not for RSVP. RSVP is accounted only from our meetup site that is

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